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Additional service

Cash on delivery

Our Cash on delivery service ensures you receive payment before your letter or parcel is delivered.

Cash on Delivery is an additional service that you can use when sending letters and parcels. Once your recipient pays, the money goes straight into the bank or plusgiro account you specified.

Sending using Cash on Delivery:

  1. Always use a wrapper or parcel that protects the contents of your shipment.
  2. Specify the name and postal address of both recipient and sender.
  3. Specify the amount the recipient must pay and details of the account into which that money is to be paid.
  4. Print the shipping document. You can do this easily via our free system Skicka Direkt. You can also buy the shipping from our agents.
  5. Drop your shipment off at your local drop-off point — don't forget to keep the receipt!

Cash on Delivery for parcels:

  • Parcel Post, max. amount SEK 50,000.
  • MyPack, max. amount NOK/DKK 25,000 or EUR 2,500.

Cash on Delivery for letters

  • First Class Mail Domestic, max. amount SEK 5,000.
  • First Class Mail Domestic with Registered option, max. amount SEK 5,000.​

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