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PostNord parcel lockers – everything you need to know

Our parcel lockers allow you to pick up parcels at your convenience – around the clock. Parcel lockers are located outdoors in residential areas and in other places that people pass in everyday life.

You choose the parcel locker delivery option at the e-commerce company’s checkout and then receive notifications as usual. You can then collect the parcel using the PostNord App, combined with Mobile BankID for confirming your identity.

Activate Bluetooth on your cell phone, stand near the parcel locker and click “open door” in the PostNord App. Find your nearest parcel locker.

Frequently asked questions – collecting parcels from parcel lockers

How can I get my parcel delivered to a parcel locker?

Select PostNord parcel locker as the delivery option at the checkout when you shop online.

How do I open a parcel locker?

To unlock a parcel locker and collect your parcel, use the latest version of the PostNord App, verify your identify using Mobile BankID and have Bluetooth activated on your cell phone. The app provides clear instructions about how to open the parcel locker. Instructions are also available next to our parcel lockers.

  • Stand close to the parcel locker.
  • Click “open door” in the PostNord App.
  • Take out your parcel and close the door.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the PostNord App, you can do that for iOS, or Android. Register the same cell phone number and email address as you use when shopping online. You can also track your parcel’s journey to the parcel locker in the app.

How long does it take to receive a parcel?

A parcel sent to our parcel lockers is delivered there on the working day after we receive it from the e-retailer. We also have Saturday deliveries in selected parts of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Helsingborg, Lund, Trelleborg and Landskrona.

How long can parcels be left in parcel lockers before being collected?

Parcels remain in parcels lockers for seven days before being returned to the sender if they have not been collected.

How can I find my nearest parcel locker?

You can search for your nearest parcel locker on our website or in the PostNord App (filter the search to include only parcel lockers). The PostNord App also shows a picture of the parcel locker, which makes it even easier to find.

There are no parcel lockers close to my location

We are working on installing even more parcel lockers all over Sweden. There are currently over 3,800 parcel lockers, and by the end of 2023 there will be 4,500. Hopefully one of them will be located near you.

I can’t find the PostNord parcel locker option at the e-retailer’s checkout

Look under either PostNord service point or MyPack Collect. The parcel locker option can sometimes be difficult to find at the e-retailer's checkout, or you may unfortunately not have a parcel locker near you. You are welcome to contact the e-retailer and request that PostNord parcel lockers are offered.

Is it safe to receive parcels in a parcel locker?

Yes. The parcel locker is locked, and a secure digital key is provided only after you have verified your identity using Mobile BankID. Only this digital key can open the compartment.

Is somebody else allowed to collect my parcel from a parcel locker?

Yes. Sign into the PostNord App with Mobile BankID as usual. Then you can easily send a link with the instructions to the person who will collect the parcel for you, via text message or email. Anyone with access to the link can collect the parcel for you. Note that the person who collects the parcel for you also needs to have the latest version of the PostNord App installed and be logged into the app.

Can I track my parcel on its journey to the parcel locker?

You can track your parcel all the way from the e-retailer to the parcel locker in the PostNord App. You can also access tracking by entering the parcel's shipment ID in the PostNord App or on our website. If you need help with this, you are welcome to contact customer service on 0771 33 33 10.

Can I have my parcel moved to a service point instead?

Yes, once you have received notification that your parcel is available in a parcel locker, you can have it moved to a service point. Use the PostNord App or contact customer service on 0771 33 33 10 to have your parcel moved.

I can’t open the parcel locker door

To open the door, you need to have the latest version of the PostNord App installed on your cell phone. To be able to track and collect your parcel from a parcel locker, you need to have the same cell phone number and email address registered in the app that you entered when you made your online purchase. Make sure you are standing close to the parcel locker and have activated Bluetooth on your cell phone to open the door.

Do you need assistance? Contact customer service on 0771 33 33 10.

Why did my parcel go to a service point rather than a parcel locker?

Our parcel lockers are popular and are sometimes full. If the relevant parcel lockers are full, we send your parcel to the nearest service point instead, so that your delivery is not delayed. In such cases we inform you of this via the app, text message or email.

There may also be other reasons for your parcel being sent to a service point instead of a parcel locker:

  • The shipment is too large to fit in the parcel locker.
  • The sender wants you to show identification upon collection.
  • The sender has specified temperature requirements.
  • Cash on delivery, Enhanced identity verification, Goods insurance, Receipt required and Age check with MyPack Collect; such parcels are instead sent to service points.
Can I drop off prepaid parcels or returns in a parcel locker?

We will start offering returns via parcel lockers in early 2023. This will initially be implemented for selected parcel lockers in Gothenburg. Until this option is available in your location, you will need to drop them off as usual at one of our service points.

How do I return in a parcel locker?

Prepare your parcel

Place the return shipping label on the parcel. If you don't have one, please contact the e-tailer.

  1. Open the PostNord App. Select Sending.
  2. Find your parcel in the list and select Find drop-off location. The parcel locker icons are dark blue and the service point icons are light blue. Select the parcel locker that you prefer. If there are no parcel lockers in the list, parcel locker returns aren’t available in your area yet, or all parcel lockers are fully booked. If so, please hand in your return to the nearest service point.
  3. Select the size of the parcel. Choose from 3 sizes:

    Small: 10 x 42 x 60 cm
    Medium: 23 x 42 x 60 cm
    Large: 49 x 42 x 60 cm

    Pick the size that best suits your package and select Book compartment.

  4. Scan the shipping label by using the camera of your phone. If the lighting conditions are bad, you could use the flashlight of your phone.
  5. Your compartment is being booked now. You have 30 minutes to hand in your parcel. If you’re not able to make it in time, please book again or hand in your parcel to a service point.

Return your parcel at the parcel locker

  1. Connect to and open the parcel box using the PostNord App.
  2. Put you package in the compartment and close it.

It’s possible to reopen the locker if you if you accidentally close it. Just make sure that you remain at the location and that you are connected to the PostNord App. Click on reopen the compartment.

Track your return in the PostNord App.

I need to reopen the locker, is it possible?

If you remain at the location and are connected to the PostNord App, you can reopen the locker. Click on reopen the compartment.

Do you have any other questions about our parcel lockers?

You are always welcome to contact our customer service on +46 771 33 33 10 or via email.

Contact customer service
Contact customer service