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Welcome to our store for stamps, packaging with postage and collectible products
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Postage products

See our stamps, packaging with postage, postograms and collectible products.

Portokod – a digital stamp for your letter

Buy your postage online, write the code directly on the letter - simple, flexible and always available.


Here you can find stamps collected from different years.

Price information for domestic and international letters and packages.

Here you will find all information about our stamps.

Real Postcards

With the Postcard service, your digital pictures are converted into postcards, which we print and deliver to the recipient's mailbox.

Create Mail-outs

Create and send physical newsletters, invitations, and other mailings directly from your computer to the recipient's mailbox using the Create Mailings service.

Buy shipping online

Order and pay for shipping via the tool Send Direct. Print out the shipping document and submit it to any agent.