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Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics

PostNord offers deliveries with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes it easy for consumers to choose a more sustainable delivery option for goods purchased online.

Easy for consumers to make sustainable choices

These days, consumers are faced with countless environmental claims at e-commerce checkouts, such as environmentally friendly or climate friendly deliveries. The terms that are used are broad and the meaning difficult to understand.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes it easy for consumers to choose a delivery option that meets stringent requirements regarding climate performance and high energy efficiency. Our delivery options with Nordic Swan Ecolabel delivery can easily be recognized in e-commerce checkouts and in the PostNord app.

A label with high requirements

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics is an official third-party label featuring 20 criteria for all PostNord’s e-commerce deliveries – for climate, environent och social conditions. The criteria are also fully in line with our own sustainability agenda.

An example of a requirement from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is that the proportion of renewable energy in the total amount of fuel must be at least 60 percent. We currently already achieve 72 percent, and are aiming even higher. Another requirement is that at least 10 percent of new heavy vehicles must be powered by electricity or biogas. We buy solely new electric and biogas vehicles. More information about all the criteria is available on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel website.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics was launched in April 2023. PostNord, together with other logistics and e-commerce operators, actively contributed to defining the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria.

The official ecolabel in the Nordics

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a world-leading and well-known ecolabel, and the official environmental label of the Nordic countries. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has been influencing various industries for over 30 years and in that time has defined criteria for a wide range of goods and services – from batteries and washing liquids, to hotels, houses and funds.

And now also e-commerce logistics. The ecolabel applies to the transport of goods purchased online from businesses to consumers (B2C).

By being the first logistics company to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics, we are paving the way for other operators. This is something we at PostNord are extremely proud about, as we want to lead the entire industry toward more sustainable logistics.

Services with Nordic Swan Ecolabel deliveries

* Does not apply in combination with the SameDay additional service.
** Only applies to consumer recipients.

We work to reduce emissions from e-commerce

We can influence how parcels are transported – and in some cases, how they are packed as well.

How we are cutting emissions from e-commerce
How we are cutting emissions from e-commerce