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Parcel lockers in Stockholm

The introduction of our parcel lockers in central Stockholm was an important step in the development of the “15-minute city”, intended to benefit citizens and the environment alike. Unfortunately, we now have to remove all outdoor parcel lockers in the city placed on land owned by the municipality.

This applies not only to PostNord's parcel lockers, but also to other box operators. We are currently working intensively on finding new attractive locations for PostNord's parcel lockers owned by private landowners.

Decision from the City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm has decided that outdoor parcel lockers will no longer be permitted. We will therefore be removing our parcel lockers from Stockholm city as of May 31, 2023.

We hope that in future we will be able to provide an alternative solution for outdoor parcel lockers in the city center, in partnership with the City of Stockholm.

Find service points or parcel lockers near you

As from June, you will be able to collect parcels from our service points or choose home delivery; and of course, you will still be able to use outdoor parcel lockers outside the center of Stockholm.

Find your nearest service point or parcel locker
Find your nearest service point or parcel locker