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Customs Information

Information when sending items to other countries. Here you can read about our customs services, and which customs and shipping documents you need, as well as getting some tips and practical information regarding exports.

Which country are you sending to or receiving from?

In some cases, PostNord acts as a representative of the importer/exporter in Sweden, in which case it handles the customs clearance. The Swedish Customs Agency is the body responsible for answering queries concerning the rules governing imports into Sweden.

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The Swedish Customs Agency defines and charges customs duty, taxes and fees applicable in conjunction with the import and export of goods. This involves an additional cost for you and in some cases means that your shipment is opened and checked. Keep in mind that different countries have different conditions for importing goods. Find information about the applicable rules in various countries via the link below.

Search for different countries

Information by country

Payment of import VAT

By paying import VAT, you appoint PostNord as a direct customs agent. This means that PostNord, on behalf of the consumer, will arrange for necessary documents to be presented for approval to the Customs administration and for paying the statutory VAT.

Common questions and answers about VAT

Questions and answers about VAT on non-EU parcels.

Send to a different country

Do you want to send a consignment abroad? Information about the rules and procedures if you export goods or send letters or parcels to other countries is available here.

Import – From another country

We can provide the information that is needed if your business want to import or receive goods, letters and parcels from another country.