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We provide information and tips about how to prepare to send your consignment.

Shop our products online

Stamps, packaging and freight charges – information about which of PostNord’s products and services you can buy directly on the web is available here.

What may be sent?

Content that is not allowed to be sent can be stopped, and as the sender, you are responsible for ensuring that what you send is not prohibited. Here we list what you may and may not send with PostNord.

Customs information

Tips and practical information about our customs services and everything you need to know before exporting or when sending a single consignment abroad.

Shipping documents

Create shipping documents and electronic transport instructions quickly and easily via EDI in your own system.

Calculate the price for letter shipments

Calculate the cost of sending your mail items. You can also compare different options by conducting multiple calculations, one after another.

Book courier and collection

Use our tools to easily book couriers, or the collection, delivery or sending of letters, parcels and pallets. You can also book a local, domestic or international courier.

Label blocks

If you are a PostNord service agreement customer and have a franking machine, you should use label blocks to show with which service you are sending your mail consignments. The label blocks are available for download here, together with instructions for how to use them.

Sorting instructions

If you are sending a lot of letters or periodicals, it is beneficial to follow our sorting instructions. The shipment of mail will then be classified as a Sorted Letter Shipment or Sorted Periodical Shipment and you pay a lower price.


Service agreement customers can choose to receive invoices from us in physical or electronic form. Electronic invoices can be received in PDF or EDI format.

Dimensions and weights

Information about the permitted dimensions, weights and volumetric weights when sending letters, parcels and pallets is available here.

Delivery options

When your company sends something, it is important to keep in mind that your recipients themselves want to be able to have control over the delivery. With our various delivery options, it is possible for your recipients to choose how their deliveries are to be carried out.

Pack properly

All packages are handled with the help of machines, transported by car and loaded together with goods of varying size, shape and weight. Therefore, pack properly to prevent damage to what you are sending.

Popular sending tools

Track letters, parcels and pallets

Track letters, parcels and pallets using the shipment-ID or the sender’s logistics customer number and reference.

Skicka Direkt

Pay freight online. Choose how you want to send and pay, and print out shipping labels.

Search letter-box or service point

Find the nearest mailbox or service point.

Search postcode and address

Search zip code or address within Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.