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As a customer of us, you can receive invoices in a range of different ways. We normally send invoices via letter to your registered address. Service agreement customers can choose whether they want to receive invoices in physical or electronic form.

Become a service agreement customer

Invoices are designed in accordance with standard practice and are issued by PostNord Sverige AB. In some cases, the design of the invoices may differ depending on the services you have ordered, but the overall information that is provided is the same.

Invoices in electronic form

If you want to receive invoices from us in electronic form, you can choose between a PDF invoice and an EDI invoice, or a corresponding EDI specification of items.

Electronic PDF invoice

To enable easier administration of invoices, service agreement customers of PostNord Sverige AB can register to receive electronic PDF invoices.

Please note that the optional reference in the PDF invoice can be up to 15 uninterrupted characters per order line. If blanks are used between characters, a longer reference is allowed, as this can be spread over several lines on the invoice.

Register to receive electronic PDF invoices (in Swedish).

Electronic EDI invoice

Service agreement customers of PostNord can also choose to receive invoices via their EDI invoice provider, which are sent to the customer’s invoice administration tool.

EDI is an industry standard that is supported by SFTI, which aims to promote the e-commerce industry and also includes invoices. We support EDI invoices in the SVEfaktura format and EDI specifications of items in the EDIFACT format.

To receive invoices from PostNord Sweden via EDI, you need a subcontractor for EDI invoices. You register via the link below. There you need to enter information that you receive from your subcontractor, together with other information about you as a service agreement customer.

Read more about EDI invoices (in Swedish)


Do you have any questions about invoice information?

You can contact customer service and we will be happy to help.

Contact customer service
Contact customer service