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We are cutting emissions from e-commerce

PostNord can influence how parcels are transported – and in some cases, how they are packed as well. Working relationships and innovative solutions make life easier for both e-retailers and consumers.

Sustainable deliveries

These days, consumers are faced with countless environmental claims at e-commerce checkouts, with the terms used being broad and the meaning difficult to understand. We have therefore signed the Industry agreement for fossil-free deliveries, which clarifies the term fossil-free delivery and requires that other environmental terms used at checkouts are removed. The exception in this regard is official third-party labels, such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics, for which in September 2023 we became the first licensee in the Nordic region. Together with other logistics and e-commerce operators, we also actively contributed to defining the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel delivery

Our delivery options with Nordic Swan Ecolabel logistics can be easily recognized in e-commerce checkouts and in the PostNord app, due to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel being shown. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics is an official third-party label featuring 20 high-level criteria for all PostNord’s e-commerce deliveries, with these relating to climate, environment and social conditions.

Find out more about our Nordic Swan Ecolabel deliveries.

Industry agreement for fossil-free deliveries

If you shop online and see “fossil-free delivery” as a delivery option for PostNord, this means that the e-commerce purchase will be transported with fossil-free fuel from the e-retailer’s warehouse in Sweden all the way to the end customer, regardless of whether delivery is made to a service point or parcel locker, or via home delivery.

Fossil-free delivery means that the vehicles used are powered by electricity, biofuels, or muscle power, such as bicycles. We are transporting more and more parcels with fossil-free vehicles, and by 2030 all our transport will run on fossil-free fuels.

Find out more about our fossil-free deliveries.

We are focusing on fossil-free vehicles

By 2030 at the latest, all our transport assignments – including those we commission – are to be handled by fossil-free vehicles.

About our fossil-free vehicle fleet
About our fossil-free vehicle fleet