Prices and terms

When purchasing services from us, it is often important to know the terms and prices that apply. All our terms and conditions of service, price lists, postage tables, fact sheets and other terms and conditions are provided here, so that you can quickly find the information you need.

Our price lists and tables of postage prices for service agreement customers and direct-payment customers.

  • Price lists for services – direct-payment customers

    Here we present price lists for customers who are not service agreement customers and instead pay via online banking or with a payment card.

  • Price lists for services – service agreement customers

    As a service agreement customer of PostNord, you get attractive prices for your shipments. Here we present the price lists for service agreement customers.

  • Tables of postage prices

    Postage tables that show what it costs you as a direct payment customer to send letters and parcels – both domestically and abroad – are available here. Direct payment customers are customers that do not have a service agreement with us but pay via online banking or payment card.

  • Prices for postage-paid packaging

    Here we present information on prices for postage-paid packaging – choose from pre-franked, ordinary and padded envelopes in various sizes, for sending both domestically and internationally.

All our terms and conditions, and fact sheets, are available here.

Are you not yet a service agreement customer with us but want to know more about what that involves?

Read more about the benefits of signing a customer agreement with PostNord.