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Find prices and services or buy freight online using our self-service tools.

Send letters

Our letter and postcard services offer you, as an individual or business, a range of options for sending your consignments both domestically and abroad.

Send parcels

Our parcel services offer you, as an individual or business, a range of options for sending your parcels both domestically and abroad.

Send large, heavy and bulky

Large, bulky or fragile? PostNord has great capacity to transport items within the Nordic region and the rest of Europe. We help you with everything from individual transportation tasks to more complex logistics solutions.

Send pallets

We pick up pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms from you and deliver them to recipient companies and consumers within Sweden and across Europe.

Book courier

Unlike other courier companies, we work locally, nationally and internationally. This means that you only need one supplier to solve all your fast transport requirements.

Send advertisement and periodicals

Our direct marketing services help you and your business with everything from target group analysis to campaign evaluation. With our various periodical services, you can easily reach readers domestically and abroad.

Popular tools

Skicka Direkt

Pay freight online. Choose how you want to send and pay, and print out shipping labels.

Track letters, parcels and pallets

Track letters, parcels and pallets using the shipment-ID or the sender’s logistics customer number and reference.

Search letter-box or service point

Search letter-box or service point

Pacsoft Online

Manage your shipments and handle all your domestic and international consignments from one single place.


Here we have gathered information on how to prepare for sending a consignment. For example, about packaging, addressing, customs and freight and what you are not allowed to send.

Prices and terms

Here you will find price lists and terms for all our services as well as postage tables for domestic and international letters and parcels.

Returns management for businesses

Having a return management that is simple and makes the customer feel secure is an important part of the buying experience. See what alternatives are available and what you can offer your customers.

Third-party logistics

Does your company have a rapid growth rate with increasing inventory volumes? Do you need to access larger warehouses and streamline the entire logistics chain? We provide comprehensive logistics solutions to companies in a range of industry sectors.


Delivery is playing an increasingly important role in the consumer experience for online purchases. How you deliver is at least as important as what you deliver. We know how you need to interact with today’s e-consumers, on their terms.