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Brexit – impact on PostNord’s mail and logistics services

Brexit will bring major changes to the transport of goods to and from the UK, both for customers and carriers in Sweden.

Brexit will affect PostNord’s logistics and letter services, as the handling of goods and trade between Sweden and the UK will require changes in procedures and new charges for the services involved.  

The new procedures and charges will enter into force from January 1, 2021.

Logistics services 

Logistics services that will no longer be available for sending goods to/from the UK:

  • PostNord MyPack Collect
  • PostNord Return DropOff 
  • PostNord Collection Request
  • PostNord Pallet

Logistics services that after Brexit will still be available for sending goods to/from the UK:

Other mail and logistics services can still be used for transport to/from the UK; an additional customs clearance charge will be made for export of shipments containing goods. This applies to the services International Letter, International Letter Shipment, International Value Letter, Trackable International Letter, International Registered Mail and PostNord MyPack Home, International Parcel, PostNord Parcel.

*Does not apply to the Channel Islands, there we refer to International Parcel.

We would like to draw your attention to:

  • Customs documents will be required. It is important that you have the correct customs information/documentation, such as tariff code, weight, value, etc. and that you submit full customs EDI to us. Read more about customs documentation.
  • It is mandatory to state the recipient's mobile number and email address when you create your shipping document, ie when you send electronic transport instructions / EDI and on the shipping document / label.
  • You who sell goods to the UK with a value up to and including GBP 135 are responsible for paying VAT in the UK on these goods. This VAT number and your UK EORI number must always be stated on the commercial invoice and included in the customs EDI. Applications for EORI numbers are made at the Swedish Customs. The application for a VAT account is made via the tax authority in the UK.
  • For goods over GBP 135 sold to the UK, the importer is responsible for the payment of VAT in the UK. VAT can be paid via deferred VAT reporting or via the customs declaration.
  • For all goods, regardless of value, that are sent between companies, it is always required that the recipient's UK EORI number is stated in the customs EDI and on the commercial invoice, and that the VAT number is stated on the commercial invoice.
  • In the event of incorrect or incomplete Customs Documentation, ie Customs EDI, commercial invoice and transport EDI, a fee for creating / supplementing these for the customer may be added, or the shipment may be returned to the sender.
  • Read more about postage, other prices and delivery terms to the UK.

For more information about preparations, please see Swedish Customs’ information about Brexit. You can also stay up to date here at our web.

Import procedures for mail and logistics services

  • Because the UK will have left the EU Customs Union, you will no longer be able to receive goods from the UK free of customs duties and/or VAT.
  • This means that the recipient will have to pay a charge for inward customs clearance, in the same way as when receiving goods from other countries outside the EU.

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