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Postal operator zone

How large should the area for the postal operator zone be and where should it be positioned? We provide our recommendations regarding postal operator zones on addressed items of mail here.

A postal operator zone is an area on an item of mail that is left free from print (text and images), to allow space for the PostNord sorting code, which is printed directly on the item. If the sorting code cannot be printed directly on the item of mail, it is instead applied using a self-adhesive label.

Unlike other parts of the item of mail, the area for the postal operator zone has to be a single color and have a paper quality that is uncoated, which means that it is not glossy. You can compare this with the window of a window envelope or a laminated item of mail, which have glossy surfaces and are thus classified as being coated.

In order to avoid any risk of your logo, advertising message or other important message on the item of mail being covered by a barcode label, we recommend that you follow our guidelines regarding the placement and dimensions of the postal operator zone, as defined in the document How to send items correctly with PostNord (pdf in Swedish).