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Transport solutions for your incoming and outgoing logistics flows

We handle your incoming and outgoing deliveries no matter which shipping solution you choose and regardless of the starting point for your goods.

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"For businesses that want effective transport solutions."

Transport solutions for all your logistics flows 

We provide a range of different transport solutions for your incoming and outgoing logistics flows. We handle the flow of goods from the producer or supplier to the distributor and warehouse as incoming deliveries. The flow of goods from the distributor to the final recipient is handled as outgoing deliveries.

Regardless of the challenge you face in terms of your transport solutions, we can help you!

  • If you operate globally, you probably often work with long transport distances and have to use various modes of transport. At the same time, your customers often operate at the local level, which places high demands on lead times being suitable and remaining stable, in accordance with what is promised.
  • Delivery quality, with stable incoming deliveries and keeping promised lead times, ensures correct stock levels, product availability and that you keep your delivery promises to final recipients.
  • The collection of goods at the promised time minimizes deviations from the promised delivery time.
  • Visibility and traceability are prerequisites for working proactively and reacting if deviations do occur.
  • Frequent incoming deliveries and short transportation lead times are important in enabling you to minimize capital that is tied up and safeguard production and/or sales.
  • It is important to take into account the capacity utilization/take-up rate of containers, vehicles and trailers to minimize costs. We ensure this through careful planning, consolidation of multiple orders and/or joint loading with other goods.

PostNord has longstanding experience and unique expertise with handling transports in complex goods flows within, to and from the Nordic market. Our carefully selected partners enable flexibility and cost-effectiveness, and they follow and embrace our high sustainability requirements.

We have a comprehensive distribution network with partners across Europe and globally, which ensures stability and delivery quality. We also provide the Nordic region’s largest network of partner outlets and have a large availability of different types of transport solution throughout the region.

Incoming deliveries

Our PostNord Pallet, PostNord Groupage and PostNord Part Loads transport solutions allow you to make daily deliveries with full traceability. We use our flexible integration platform to create visibility for you throughout the product flow, so that incoming deliveries can be managed effectively based on your unique needs.

Outgoing deliveries

The strong growth of e-commerce has resulted in the need for short outgoing delivery times, which changes the demand framework. Previously, production and delivery were carried out during weekdays, but order handling and delivery have now also shifted to evenings and weekends. The trend among outgoing deliveries is that they are increasing in number and consist of fewer individual parcels. The volumes to the various destinations change frequently and the choice of carrier for outgoing deliveries is often based on lead time, price and flexibility. As a result of our longstanding experience, we have unique insights into your end recipients’ behavioral patterns regarding orders and returns handling in all industry sectors in the Nordic market.

Our services for deliveries

PostNord Groupage

If you have a number of parcels and/or pallets that are to be sent to the same recipient in the Nordic region. We pick up every day. Fully trackable.

PostNord Pallet

We pick up pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms from you and deliver them to recipient companies and consumers across Europe.

PostNord Part Loads

PostNord Part Loads is a door-to-door service for sending various types of goods weighing 2,500 kg or more.


We pick up at your location in the afternoon, ship the cargo during the night and deliver to customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries the next morning.

PEX Courier

Our courier service allows you to send items by courier locally, nationally and internationally. Fast, smooth and tailored deliveries.

PostNord Parcel

We deliver your parcels to recipients in Sweden and to other countries both in and outside Europe, every working day.

MyPack Collect

Send parcels to customers delivered at outlets in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

MyPack Home

Send parcels delivered at the customers' homes in a number of countries in the Nordic region and Europe.

MyPack Home Small

Send small parcels that are delivered straight to the customer’s mailbox.

First Class Mail Domestic

Send a standard letter domestically with the first class domestic letters.

First Class Mail International

First Class Mail International can be used when sending standard letters to other countries.

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