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Digital and physical mail services for your company's business communications

With our letter services, you can reach almost all of Sweden overnight, depending on where the letters are handed in and where they are to be distributed. You can, for example, send information, goods, invoices or simply a greeting.
"We help your business communicate to the right target audience in the right channel."

We help you with your business communication

Some information has to be readily available, regardless of where the recipient happens to be, while other information has to be easy to save. Different channels are suitable for different purposes – the most important aspect for achieving the desired effect is knowing the recipient’s preferences.

With PostNord’s various services, you can analyze your target groups and then choose which service is best for your particular mailing. 

Analyze your target group and let the intended purpose decide

There is no single communication channel that is right for all messages to all people in all situations. But communicating in multiple channels with partially differentiated content is a good way to boost loyalty, build a brand and encourage people to make purchases. We are experts at analyzing your company’s customer data and ensuring that you communicate with each individual customer in the way that they prefer. This could be direct mail, customer club letters, invoices, account statements or the digital signing of an agreement. Regardless of which is used, you will be able to give your customers a better experience and a more consistent impression of your company. At the same time, you get the opportunity to increase efficiency and improve sales.

Do you, for example, need to track your letters, or require that your recipient signs for the shipment prior to delivery? Or do you want to receive responses to offers and notifications? Choose what works best for your business from among our services.

The most common tools and services in the area of Business Communication

Omnichannel communication

Provides a recipient-adapted communication and branding experience via multiple channels.

We Mail Omnichannel

If you want to have the opportunity to choose between physical and digital communication.

First Class Mail International

First Class Mail International can be used when sending standard letters to other countries.

Economy Mail

Economy Mail letters may weigh up to 2 kg and are delivered within four business days in Sweden.


With our letter services, you can reach almost all of Sweden overnight, depending on where the letters are handed in and where they are to be distributed.


Do you want to receive your company’s letters in a single feed? We can help you with this, via our digitalization company PostNord Scanning.

Would you like to know more about how we can help you with your business communication?

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