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Scanning for businesses

Would you like to receive all your company’s incoming communication in a single digital flow? Then you should use our Input Management solutions.
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Avoid time-consuming administration

Scanning provides the market’s leading Input Management solutions. The digitalization supports all types of written correspondence, from all communication channels.

We help you manage your corporate communication

PostNord Scanning makes it possible for your company to streamline its processes, gain better control of its communication and reduce the time required for administration. We can electronically distribute and add data to documents, as well as read in documents and data from the vast majority of management systems.

Your digitalization partner

With our Input Management solutions, you can receive all your corporate communication, including both physical letters and digital items, in a single electronic flow. You can receive all your invoices, regardless of whether they were originally in paper, PDF or EDI format, in digital form and loaded directly into your workflow system.

We can also help you to digitalize your physical archives. We handle the entire process, from the packing of the archive through to its delivery to and hosting in the electronic archive.

Optimized document management

We have extensive expertise in digitalization and the associated technology. The advantages of our Input Management solutions include optimized document management and case processing with secure daily electronic deliveries at the agreed time, all in accordance with your specific needs. We tailor a dedicated document management solution that suits you and your company.

Restoration of management’s control of the handling of incoming communication.

Reduced administrative costs

The efficient and automated process enables a reduction of the administrative costs and gives you full control over the communication.

Scanning - Do you want to avoid spending too much time managing incoming communication?

More information about our Input Management solutions is available on the PostNord Strålfors website.

Become a Scanning customer
Become a Scanning customer