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The Stamp Year 2020

New year, new stamps. We hope that the themes and motifs we have planned will make it even more fun for you to send your greetings and letters and to add to your collection of attractive designs.

This year’s stamp program, as always, contains a mix of themes and motifs; we hope and believe that you will find something that fits your particular needs.

The year begins with long-awaited motifs; hearts that are extraordinarily suitable for greetings, invitations and congratulations. We will continue in April by showing art by the internationally acclaimed Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, and the theme of this year’s Europa stamps – Old mail routes, shows one of the mail routes that passed through Sweden in the 17th century.

Other themes during the year include action-packed, colorful stamps with activities in different forms that make us feel good, and some exciting doors and stairs. Dogs are always a requested motif, and in August you will be able to decorate your letters and greetings with five selected dogs. We end, as is tradition, with this year’s Christmas stamps and the ever-popular theme of animals and nature; in a snow-covered landscape we encounter some of our wildlife.

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Policy for dealing with stamp images

The following applies to all publication unless otherwise agreed or approved:

  • The stamp shall be portrayed in its entirety and with cancellation mark.
  • The stamp image may not be altered. Sweden, denomination and perforation shall be included.

The images can be freely used in editorial texts about the stamps. All other use requires permission.


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January 9, 2020

Heartfelt Greetings

Now you can once again send your congratulations, invitations and other greetings with hearts, a motif that many people have requested. Colorful hearts with content that may resonate a little extra with you as a sender, or with the recipient. Flowers, birds and music symbols swirl around, along with bees and much more.

Booklet, 10 stamps, 5 motifs, domestic letters.
Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, domestic letters.
Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, SEK 22.


Doors have a basic function of closing, shutting out and protecting. But they can also tell a story about their era and about the building and its inhabitants. SEK 50 has the door to Zorngården as its motif, designed by Zorn himself. SEK 20 shows the door from Villa Edstrand in Falsterbo, designed by the architect Sigurd Lewerentz.

You supplement with the values SEK 50 and SEK 20 when sending heavier items such as our pre-stamped bags for sending items abroad or other heavier items.

Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, SEK 50.
Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, SEK 20.

April 30

Active leisure

Colorful, action-packed motifs showing some popular activities, some that have long been familiar and a few newcomers. How about a kayak trip? Glide peacefully across the water and get close to nature. Do you prefer to whoosh through town on a skateboard/longboard, or are you crazy about Padel. All motifs work equally well for those who need postage for domestic letters up to 50 grams. 

Booklet, 10 stamps, 5 motifs, domestic letters.

Hilma af Klint

The artistry of Hilma af Klint (1862–1944) continues to fascinate. Her abstract painting was well ahead of its time, and when her paintings were first shown 20 years after her death, they attracted considerable attention. She is now regarded as a progenitor in abstract art.

Booklet, 5 stamps, 5 motifs, SEK 22.
Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, domestic letters.

Europa 2020 – Old mail routes

Old mail routes are a common theme for the countries within Posteurop. Long before all households in Sweden had the right to receive mail several days a week, there were fixed mail routes. The one between Stockholm and Hamburg is one of the oldest and was an important means of conveying news to and from the continent.

Mini sheets, 3 stamps, 3 motifs, SEK 22.

Queen Silvia 2020

The stamp featuring the Swedish Queen now comes with a new color and new current postage for sending items of up to 50 grams abroad.

Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, SEK 22. 

August 27

My dog

Man’s best friend and companion is being highlighted in a competition where everyone is invited to submit a story about why their particular dog should become a stamp. In August we will see which five dogs get their portraits on a stamp.

Booklet, 10 stamps, 5 motifs, domestic letters.


Stairs are a structure that makes it possible to move between different floors. They can take different forms: zigzag or spiral. SEK 40 shows stairs from the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, by architect Gert Wingård. SEK 30 shows a tower staircase from the Slakthus area in southern Stockholm.
You supplement with the values SEK 30 and SEK 40 when you send e.g. our pre-stamped bags for sending items abroad or other heavier items.

Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, SEK 40.
Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, SEK 30.

November 12

Christmas letters 2020

Sending greetings is a much-loved tradition that is a natural part of Christmas. Many people prefer to send a tangible greeting in the form of a Christmas card. There will naturally be Christmas stamps this year as well, designed to suit your Christmas greetings particularly well.

Booklet, 10 stamps, 10 motifs, Christmas letters.
Coil stamp, 100 pcs/coil, 1 motif, domestic letters.

Winter animals

Our domestic mammals are preparing for the cold winter season in Sweden. Some by changing color to better blend into the environment, while others settle for thicker fur. Here are motifs featuring animals that are active even in winter. Those who go into hibernation get to sleep in peace and quiet.

Booklet, 10 stamps, 5 motifs, domestic letters.

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