Grafisk illustration av frimärken i en röra.

Welcome to the 2022 Stamp Year

As always, this year’s stamp program contains a mix of themes and motifs. We believe and hope that you will find something to suit your specific needs.

The first booklet of domestic stamps in 2022 is a tribute to Povel Ramel. A beloved performer with his heart in the right place, he entertained generations with his friendly and accurate humor. Five colorful stamp designs to brighten up your card or envelope.For international mail, we offer a booklet commemorating the centenary of the Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS. Our everyday lives are filled with standards, and even if we don’t give them a second thought, they make many things easier, including making our lives safer and more sustainable. The issue also includes a coil, with postage for domestic letters, highlighting the importance of an environmentally sustainable society.

Other themes during the year include the ever-popular flowers, led by our national flower, the small bluebell. We also have another anniversary, this time 500 years of the Swedish Navy.
One of our most popular pets gets its own stamp issue, and it’s also time for a new 100-kronor stamp. The stamp year will wind down with new Christmas stamps and motifs suitable for your greetings throughout the winter period.

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Policy for dealing with stamp images

The following applies to all publication unless otherwise agreed or approved:

  • The stamp shall be portrayed in its entirety and with cancellation mark.
  • The stamp image may not be altered. Sweden, denomination and perforation shall be included.

The images can be freely used in editorial texts about the stamps. All other use requires permission.


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January 13

Povel Ramel centenary

Stamp Povel Ramel 100 years

A popular artist with incredible breadth. Povel Ramel’s artistry ranges from songs, monologues, poems, paintings, drawings, film, radio, revue and television, songbooks, cooking, drinking songs and scholarship awards. All performed with empathetic humor, warmth, elegance and infectious joy. The colorful stamps show some well-known examples from his wide-ranging creative output.

Booklet: 10 stamps, 5 motifs, domestic letters.
Design: Carina Länk
Illustration: Povel Ramel and Carina Link
Colors: Four colors
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format: booklet stamps: 36.6 x 26.5 mm

SIS centenary

Stamp SIS 100 years, stamp issue January 2022
The stamp issue contains a booklet for international letters and a coil for domestic letters. We see some familiar situations. You may not think about it, but a large number of standards help make our daily lives simpler and safer. Isn’t it great to have size labels and to know that things we use are safe! Standardization is also of great importance for the development of Swedish welfare, sustainability and

Booklet: 5 stamps, 5 motifs, SEK 26
Coil: 100 stamps/coil, 1 motif. Domestic letters
Illustration and design: Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars
Colors: Four colors + priority one color
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format: booklet stamps: 49.1 x 26.5 mm
Format – coil stamps: 26.5 x 36.6 mm

Queen Silvia 2022

Stamp Queen Silvia 2022

The stamp featuring the Swedish Queen now comes in a new color and with the current postage for sending items of up to 50 g abroad.

Coil 100 stamps/coil: 1 motif, SEK 26
Photography: Anna-Lena Ahlström
Design: Daniel Bjugård
Colors: Four colors
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format – coil stamps: 26.5 x 26.25 mm

Issue: January 28

Sweden's national flower

In 2021, the small bluebell was chosen as our national flower. In a booklet with 10 motifs, we present the ten
flowers that made it to the final. The bluebell also adorns a coil stamp.
This year’s Europa theme is “Stories and Myths”. What better way to send an international greeting than
floral magic in the Midsummer night?

Booklet 10 stamps: 10 motifs, domestic letters
Coil 100 stamps/coil: 1 motif, domestic letters
Coil 100 stamps/coil: 1 motif. SEK 26

500 years of the Swedish Navy

Five hundred years ago, Gustav Vasa bought ten armed ships from Lübeck, which were delivered on June 7, 1522 at Slätbaken outside Söderköping, and thus the Swedish Navy was born.

Minisheet: 3 stamps/3 motifs

Issue: August 25

Folk costume SEK 100

With increased e-commerce, there is a need for higher denominations for heavier mail.
Details from folk costumes form the motif of our new stamp with a denomination of SEK 100.

Coil 50 stamps/coil: 1 motif, SEK 100


Beloved pets! Now it’s the cats’ turn to be a motif on our stamps. A competition is underway. Keep your eyes peeled and you might just see your favorite cat become a stamp!

Booklet 10 stamps: 5 motifs, domestic letters

Issue: November 3

Christmas mail 2022

Sending greetings is a cherished tradition at Christmas. Take the opportunity to make your loved ones happy by sending Christmas cards franked with our stamps, which are particularly suitable for Christmas.

Booklet 10 stamps: 10 motifs, Christmas mail
Coil 100 stamps/coil: 1 motif, domestic letters


Wintery motifs that are perfect for all your greetings throughout the long winter.

Booklet 10 stamps: 5 motifs, domestic letters

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