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About customs clearance and customs representatives

Consignments with commercial content that arrive in Sweden from outside the EU Customs Union need to be cleared through customs, regardless of whether the recipient is a private individual or a company. This means that necessary declarations are drawn up, such as VAT and customs declarations, and necessary taxes and fees are paid.

Since the Swedish government has appointed PostNord as the designated operator within the framework of the Universal Postal Union, it is PostNord that receives postal items that arrive in Sweden.

It is common to have a representative carry out these declarations. By appointing PostNord as a direct customs representative, we perform this service and pay VAT and any customs fees on behalf of the recipient.

It is also possible to perform these declarations on your own, both as an individual and as a company:

To carry out customs clearance on your own as a private individual

If you as a private individual want to carry out your own customs clearance, please contact our customer service to get information about where your shipment is stored. If you have not already received the information on the shipping document, you can also ask customer service for this.

Then follow the instructions at the Swedish Customs' website (only available in Swedish).

To carry out customs clearance on your own as a business

If you do not want PostNord to carry out your customs clearance, you can see what other methods are available atn the Swedish Customs' website. After the Swedish Customs has approved the customs clearance and the declaration has been received by our customer service, the consignment can be released.