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Rural mail carrying

The Rural Mail service allows you to book delivery and collection of consignments.

Book rural mail delivery

What can you order with Rural mail carrying?

Notified parcels and notified letters (for example Registered Mail and Valuables) are distributed pursuant to your request. Please note that you need to be at home when the item is being delivered. If you have received a notification or text notification, you may order delivery of the notified item here. You can also call customer service at 0771 33 33 10, which can arrange the delivery for you.

Order collection of trackable letters and parcels

If you want to send something, simply call customer service on 0771 33 33 10 to book a collection. You prepare your consignment at home in advance. If you want to pay by card, you have to make the purchase via Skicka Direkt and print out the shipping document yourself.

You can also pay your rural mail carrier directly using cash, but for security reasons rural mail carriers do not carry any additional cash with them to give change. Any change that is payable is delivered together with a receipt to your mailbox on the rural mail carrier’s next round.

Order stamps for delivery

If you are served by a rural mail carrier and would like to buy stamps you can easily order this in our web shop. We’ll deliver the stamps straight to your mailbox or, in case you make a larger order, you can order delivery for your Registered Mail, see above. You can also order stamps through customer service at 0771 33 33 10. In that case please mention that you are served by a rural mail carrier.

Book Rural mail carrying

You can also buy stamps in our web shop.

Book rural mail carrying
Book rural mail carrying