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File a complaint

Customer Ombudsman

We always want our customers to be satisfied with us and our services. Naturally, we also want to make use of all the ideas, opinions and complaints we receive from our customers.

Your opinions help us improve. And despite our best intentions, our customers may occasionally be dissatisfied. As Customer Ombudsman, it is my job to coordinate and impartially review the answer you received so that we can improve our products, services and customer service, which will hopefully make you a more satisfied customer.

Contact customer service first

First, we would like you to contact our customer service to resolve a complaint or provide your viewpoint. Customer service can answer and resolve most types of questions you might have.

If you are not satisfied with the response

It is possible that you may be dissatisfied with how we handled your complaint or with the answer you received from customer service. Misunderstandings may arise or our conversation may have reached a deadlock. If you want the response you received to be reviewed, you are always welcome to contact Customer Ombudsman. Our task is to further examine your case impartially and independently, after which we will communicate our final opinion and our response.

Contact the Customer Ombudsman


If you´re still not satisfied

If you are dissatisfied with our response, you may contact the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or an ordinary court of law to have your case tried.

To the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints