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File a complaint

Checklist before you file a complaint

Information that is good to go through before filing a complaint.

  • Mail that cannot be delivered because it contains incorrect address information is returned to the sender. If there is no return address, we send the mail to the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency in accordance with the Postal Services Act. You can inquire about missing mail on their website (Swedish only).
  • No financial compensation will be given for mail (i.e., a postcard or ordinary First Class Mail) for which you did not order an additional service (such as Registered or Valuables).
  • If your mailing has a parcel ID or letter ID (in which case the ID will be on the receipt), you can track it.
  • The sender of the letter or parcel should be the one to submit a complaint. He or she has the receipt and all the drop-off information. However, if the complaint pertains to damage, the recipient should submit the complaint because he or she has the damaged item.
  • When submitting a complaint, fill in all required information completely, such as the letter ID or parcel ID (found on the receipt, if applicable), a thorough description of the contents of the parcel and so on. If your complaint pertains to a damaged parcel, keep all packaging and contents so that we can inspect them if necessary. Remember to leave the address card in place.
  • Our terms and conditions are separated for direct-payment customers and service agreement customers.


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