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Economy Mail

Send large volumes of mail directly to your customers’ mailboxes at an attractive price.
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"The service for everyone who wants to send large volumes of mail directly to customers at a low price. "

What is Economy Mail?

Economy Mail is the service for companies that want to send standard shipments – domestic or international – and prioritize price over rapidity. The domestic mail shipment service entails sending at 500 unsorted or 5,000 sorted letters. All the letters must originate from the same sender, weigh the same (max. differential 30 grams) and be in the same format.

In order to use our Economy Mail service, you need to be one of our service agreement customers. Click here to find out more about Domestic letter shipment and International letter shipment.


Economy Mail is delivered directly to the recipient’s mail box within 3–4 business days. If the shipment is too large to fit in the mailbox, it is forwarded to the recipient’s nearest service point for collection.

Supplementary services

You can choose to send Economy Mail to recipients in Sweden using our eco-friendly service Sustainable with PostNord. This entails declining the return of undelivered mail, which will be destroyed and recycled on site instead.

How do I use this service?

Send using Port Payé

Use our Port Payé block labels and write “B” on the envelopes. Click here to book letter shipment and then register an invoice document in our digital tool ELIN. Drop your shipments off at one of our service points or mail terminals.

If your Economy Mail Domestic letter shipment exceeds the volumes stated below, you will need to book your shipment before dropping it off. The booking for your Economy Mail letter shipment must be registered no later than 5 p.m. on the day before drop-off.

  • Sorted shipment containing at least 50,000 items.
  • Unsorted shipment containing at least 20,000 items.
  • Unsorted shipments containing at least 5,000 items that are more than 2 cm thick.

The following shipments should be booked no later than 5 PM two weekdays prior to drop off:

  • Special sorted shipment with at least 100,001 shipment items in each price zone (low or normal zone).


See current prices for service agreement customers.

Weights and measures

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 600 mm
Width: minimum 90 mm
Length + Width + Height: max 900 mm
Weight: max 2 kilo

General service information

Drop off point: Mail pickup, service point, mail terminal
Point of delivery: Mailbox
Traceable: No
Delivery time: 3–4 weekdays

Send Economy Mail directly to your customers at a low price

Economy Mail is delivered within 3–4 business days, both in Sweden and internationally Become a service agreement customer and book your shipment.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer