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Export – sending to a different country

Do you want to send a consignment abroad? Information about the rules and procedures if you export goods or send letters or parcels to other countries is available here.

Export for businesses

In terms of customs issues, export refers to sending goods to a country outside the EU – including from the countries that are regarded as being in the EU tax areas or excise areas.

Exporters have to be aware of a range of aspects. These include rules, terms and conditions, figures and documents. Information about the rules and procedures if your company wants to send letters, parcels, pallets, groupage cargo or part loads to other countries is available here.

By collaborating with PostNord, you get help with the delivery of parcels to your customers, and this gives you and your customers numerous advantages. For example, PostNord’s services provide you with fast, smooth and seamless transportation of goods directly to the customer.

Items that are being exported should always have documentation showing the content and value of the goods. Check which documents are required when using our services.

Terms and conditions for each service.