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Import from another country – for businesses

Here, companies can find information about what applies when you receive letters, parcels and pallets from other countries, or import goods, for example when buying online.

Payment of import VAT

By paying import VAT, you appoint PostNord as a direct customs agent. This means that PostNord, on behalf of the consumer, will arrange for necessary documents to be presented for approval to the Customs administration and for paying the statutory VAT.

Customs information

Tips and practical information about our customs services and everything you need to know before exporting or when sending a single consignment abroad.

Which country are you sending to or receiving from?

Different countries have different conditions for importing goods. Find information about the applicable rules in various countries via the link below.

Importing goods

Import refers to an item taken in from a country outside of the EU – and from countries not included in EU tax areas or areas covered by EU excise legislation.

The item must clear customs before it may be used or sold. PostNord carries out import clearance for the recipient. The customs clearance specifications are enclosed in the parcel and include costs for VAT, duties and our import declaration fee. The amount must be paid in conjunction with the delivery of the parcel. Our fee for the import declaration of goods is added.

Reporting import VAT if your business is registered for VAT

Beginning January 1, 2015, import VAT will be reported to the Swedish Tax Agency instead of Swedish Customs. This means that business-owners must report import VAT in the VAT declaration and submit payment to the Swedish Tax Agency. Swedish Customs takes decisions on taxes and import duties and is responsible for checking information. Swedish Customs sets a "monetary customs value" for import VAT.

  • For companies who currently have customs credit with Swedish Customs, the monetary customs value is sent via the customs invoice from Swedish Customs.
  • It is fastest and easiest for businesses without customs credit with Swedish Customs to download the documents for import VAT and monetary documents at
  • If you would prefer to receive VAT report documents from us, email the customs ID you want information on to

Businesses that are not registered for VAT and private individuals are not affected. For more information see or

Prices excl. VAT

For private individuals and businesses

Private import declaration
(Declared product value below SEK 1,600)
SEK 60
(SEK 75 incl. VAT)
Private import declaration
(Declared product value SEK 1,600 or more)
SEK 100
(SEK 125 incl. VAT)
Business import declaration SEK 220
Simplified declaration process SEK 125
2-step customs clearance SEK 220
Private review SEK 172
(SEK 215 incl. VAT)
Business review SEK 352

Are your business also exporting goods to other countries?

Read more on hos PostNord works with exporting and how we can help your business in sending goods to other countries.