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Products and services that take the climate into account

Deliveries close to or directly to the home, autonomous vehicles and returnable packaging solutions. We take the climate into account in the preparation of all our products and services.

Climate-friendly, returnable packaging

We are constantly testing innovative solutions to determine how our products and services can contribute to the sustainable society of the future. We want to be able to offer our customers products and services that take the climate into account. It should be easy to do the right thing. 

We at PostNord are working to ensure that the packaging solutions we sell are made of sustainable material that both takes the environment into account and is sufficiently durable to protect the contents all the way to their destination.

FSC-labelled packaging (our licens: N003026)

We are constantly increasing the share of recycled and FSC®-labelled material in our packaging solutions. All our blue bags and boxes are made of material from responsibly managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. 

We purchase more than 2 million FSC®-labelled packaging solutions every year. The FSC® label allows consumers to choose goods made of paper and cardboard that stem from responsible forestry, i.e. forests worked with full consideration for people and the environment. 

Recycle and reuse

We encourage private individuals both to recycle and to reuse our packaging. Two of our boxes feature a double glue line to make them easy to reuse. 

Our packaging is highly durable and can be reused over and over again – and consumers can return it and claim a reward via the recycling app Bower.

More sustainable parcel deliveries

In addition to taking responsibility for our own emissions, we also want to make it easier for private individuals to cut their climate impact in connection with collecting parcels. We are developing and testing innovative solutions to make parcel collection both flexible and kinder on the environment.

Parcel lockers and delivery robots

Parcel lockers close to the home or home deliveries performed by autonomous delivery robots are two solutions that eliminate the need for consumers to climb into their cars to collect their parcels. 

One innovative example is “Hugo”, the autonomous delivery robot that was tested in real-life conditions in 2021/22.

We’re working to reduce emissions from e-commerce

PostNord can influence how parcels are transported – and in some cases, how they are packed as well.

How we’re reducing emissions from e-commerce
How we’re reducing emissions from e-commerce