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Prices and terms

Changes to terms and conditions

News applicable as of January 1 2021.

New delivery model

Communication habits are changing and the need for daily deliveries decreasing. To ensure a sustainable business, from an environmental and profitability perspective, we are planning for a new delivery model to be launched in February 2021, with gradual roll-out throughout Sweden. The model is based on alternate-day delivery, whereby mail items such as letters, newspapers and advertisements are delivered every other day. Value letters and parcel and express services will continue to be delivered every business day; partner outlets and P.O. boxes will also receive deliveries every day just like today. Several of our services will have new terms and conditions from January 1, and these will be adapted to both forms of delivery.

Faster return of goods not collected

The retention time at service points will change from 14 days to 7 in Sweden. Goods that are not collected by the recipient will thus be returned faster. The Extended retention time 14 days additional service can, if necessary, be selected free of charge by both sender and recipient. The change applies to the services PostNord MyPack Home, PostNord MyPack Collect, PostNord Parcel, PostNord Pallet and PostNord Groupage.

Better price to Sweden’s major cities with PostNord MyPack Home

To meet the demand for home deliveries, we are further changing the pricing model for the PostNord MyPack Home service within Sweden. The change means better prices for deliveries to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. PostNord MyPack Home gives your customer the opportunity to decide for themselves where, when and how their parcels will be delivered – to their home, to a partner outlet or outside the door if the customer wishes. It is easy to change the time and place for delivery in PostNord’s app or at

More secure and convenient home deliveries within Sweden

For home deliveries to private individuals, we offer Enhanced identification – in addition to their name and address, the recipient’s personal ID number is also checked. Applies to the following services: PostNord MyPack Home, PostNord Pallet and PostNord Groupage.

For the ID check additional service, we are introducing identification via BankID as a new option for PostNord MyPack Home, which enables someone else in the household to receive the delivery without requiring them to have the recipient’s identification with them, as identification takes place via BankID. Also applies to PostNord Pallet and PostNord Groupage in combination with the ID check and Private recipient additional services.

Mail Services in PostNord Portal Business

Visit our portal, where you can subscribe and review your subscriptions for Mail Services such as P.O. box, Delivery and Pick-up.  

You can already order P.O. box, Pick-up and associated additional services in the portal. We are working continuously to develop and improve the portal. Soon you will be able to order Delivery and associated additional services, as well as be able to make changes to your agreements, such as adding or removing additional services and terminating services directly in the portal.

In the long run, we intend to discontinue the requirement for hard-copy power of attorney and signature of hard-copy agreements. This will be replaced with functionalities in the portal.

Express Letter

Express Letter will be a separate service from 1 January 2021, has previously been an additional service for letters.

When ordinary mail is distributed every other day in a new delivery model, we want to be able to offer the market a letter service with daily delivery – which is why we are keeping the Express Letter but in a new form.

By removing the guarantee of delivery before 10 a.m., the service can also be offered more inexpensively compared to when the service was a supplement to letters (i.e. postage + additional price for Express).

Summary, Express Letter from January 1, 2021

  • Traceable with delivery guarantee.
  • Max. weight 2 kg.
  • Price from SEK 59 VAT-free for private individuals.
  • Offered to private individuals and service agreement customers.
  • Submission to PostNord’s partner outlets, business service centers or mail terminals.
  • Delivered during the regular delivery round or by courier to the recipient no later than the first business day (Mon–Fri) after the submission day, with the exception of consignments that, depending on the geographical relationship between place of submission and delivery location, are normally delivered the second business day after the submission date.

An alternative when the guarantee of delivery before 10 a.m. is discontinued for Express Letter is if your recipient has a P.O. box address and has or can purchase an additional Delivery Agreement with a fixed time and can then have time-controlled deliveries made in several geographical areas before 10 a.m.

Individual parcels to Norway and requirements for Customs EDI

We are now introducing the possibility of sending individual parcels via the services PostNord MyPack Collect and PostNord MyPack Home to private recipients in Norway. This is on the condition that there is a cell phone number or e-mail available for the recipient, that customs information is provided via EDI and the commercial invoice is sent directly to the end consumer.
To improve and speed up the customs clearance process, we are also introducing requirements for customs information and transport instructions via EDI for International Parcel and customs information via EDI for International Value Letter.

Discontinuation of coverage for some countries covered by the International Parcel service

We are phasing out the possibility of using the International Parcel service for France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic and Austria. Instead, you can use PostNord MyPack Home or PostNord MyPack Collect for your private recipients and PostNord Parcel for your corporate recipients.

Flight surcharge from January 1, 2021

As a result of Covid-19 and the pandemic that has affected the whole world, air transport capacity has decreased and transport costs outside Europe have increased. Against this background, PostNord will for a limited period apply an airmail/airfreight surcharge for certain destinations. Read about the flight surcharge.

Brexit – impact on PostNord’s transport of goods

The UK leaving the EU will affect PostNord’s logistics and letter services, as the handling of goods and trade between Sweden and the UK will require changes in procedures and new charges for the services involved.  The new procedures and charges will enter into force from January 1, 2021. Read about Brexit.