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Size and weight


Sending letters as postcards, in an envelope or a tube

Weight: max. 2 kg

Size guide for letters in envelopes

Length: at least 14 cm and max. 60 cm
Width: at least 9 cm
Length + width + thickness combined may be 90 cm at most.

Size guide for letters in a tube

Length: minimum 10 cm and max. 90 cm
Length + double diameter combined may be max. 104 cm and min. 17 cm.

Bulky letters

There will be a surcharge if the letter is:
wider than 25 cm
thicker than 3 cm

Services such as Registered Mail, Valuables and Express Mail may have separate size restrictions.


Send parcels in a box or tube


  • Domestic: max. 20 kg (max. 35 kg for service agreement customers)
  • International: max. 31.5 kg

Size guide for parcels in a box

Length: max. 150 cm
Width: max. 70 cm
Height: max. 115 cm

Size guide for parcels in a tube

Length: max. 150 cm
Diameter: max. 115 cm

Bulky measurements for parcels

A surcharge will be charged for parcels longer than 120 cm.
The parcel will be charged as a bulky parcel if:
- length + circumference (length + width + width + height + height) is greater than 200 cm (applies to direct-payment customers)

Other dimensions may apply to certain parcel services and parcels sent abroad.​


Pallet goods sent with PostNord must fit on a EURO pallet (full pallet), half-pallet, quarter-pallet or special pallet.

Full pallet

Weight: 35-1000 kg
Length: max. 120 cm
Width: max. 80 cm
Height: max. 220 cm in Sweden, max. 200 cm in Denmark, Norway, Finland and the rest of Europe.

Half pallet

Weight: 35-500 kg
Length: max 60 cm
Width: max 80 cm
Height: max 150 cm

For allowed size and weight of quarter- and special pallets, see Special terms and conditions.​