Delivery Checkout

Delivery Checkout is a widget for your online shop that makes it easy for customers to choose how the item they purchased should be delivered.

Allow the recipient to decide how parcels are delivered

The entire process of shopping online should be straightforward – from the consumers pushing the buy button right through to having received the parcel. And letting consumers choose how to receive the parcels makes the shopping experience so much better.

Easy integration into your online shop.

Results in greater customer satisfaction.

Makes the shopping process easy.

Contributes to more conversions.

Today, there are still too many consumers who do not make a purchase just because they do not know how the delivery will be carried out. Studies conducted by PostNord show that a quarter of consumers refrain from buying a product because they do not know how the product will be delivered. And 4 of 5 think it is important to be able to choose the delivery option that suits them best.

With the Delivery Checkout service, you avoid this problem in your online store. The service makes it clear to customers which alternatives are available. Customers simply select whether the parcel should be sent to their home, to their place of work or to a delivery point, and how quickly they want the parcel delivered. It is also made clear to customers how deliveries are made and which options best suit them. This increases the chance of purchases being completed. Surveys also show that 3 of 4 people make purchases more often if they have better control over the deliveries. All this contributes to a better overall purchase experience and to increased conversions on the website.

This is Delivery Checkout:

  • A widget or module* that can easily be integrated into the online store.
  • Always updated with the latest delivery options.
  • Easy to integrate.

Delivery Checkout thus contributes to increased conversion and more satisfied customers, who are keen to shop with you again:

  • Clearly describes what each delivery option involves.
  • Makes it clear and easy for customers to choose the delivery option that suits them best.
  • Better control of deliveries results in more satisfied customers.
  • The module is available for the open source platforms Magento, Woocommerce, Pretsa shop and Open cart.


Please contact us to learn more about agreements, prices and how to integrate Delivery Checkout.

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