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Parcel service for businesses

PostNord Parcel

We deliver your parcels to recipients in Sweden, Norway and to other countries both in and outside Europe, every working day.

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Benefits with PostNord Parcel

  • Simple – we collect the parcels from you and deliver them straight to the recipients.
  • Secure – each shipment can be tracked and followed all the way.
  • Smart – Pacsoft Online, our online transport management tool, allows you to keep track of shipping documents and all your deliveries.
  • Frequent – we deliver within Sweden before 6 pm every weekday. Are you in need of extra speed in deliveries you can use our additional services Before 9 or 12.
Delivery of parcels from companies to companies

Do you want to send parcels to a company? Then our PostNord Parcel service is perfect for you. With PostNord Parcel, it is both easy and safe to send parcels from door to door.

We distribute to recipient companies throughout Sweden every weekday; parcels are delivered before the end of the working day, by no later than 6 pm. See delivery times for other countries.

You can of course track your parcel all the way to its destination.

PostNord Parcel is never flown within Europe but is driven by cars and then with as environmentally friendly fuel as possible.

How to book such a transport:

You can book your transport and print shipping documents via Pacsoft Online, our internet-based transport management tool. This is free of charge for service agreement customers.

If you are not a service agreement customer but want to pay directly and print documents online, you can use the Skicka Direkt tool. Only applies within Sweden.

Different conditions and prices apply for the two different tools.

Dimensions and weight for PostNord Parcel

Max. weight within Nordic region35 kg
Max. weight outside Nordic region31,5 kg
Min. weight150 grams/parcel
Max. sizeLength 1.75 meters; length + circumference 3 meters
Min. sizeLength 14 cm, width 9 cm, height 1.5 cm


Parcels are delivered every weekday, in line with the following:

  • Before the end of the working day, by 6 pm at the latest within Sweden.
  • It takes an extra day to some destinations. View and calculate delivery times.
  • View and calculate delivery times for Sweden and to other countries.

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You can easily choose which type of notification you want to receive by marking your selections in Pacsoft Online. Applies within Sweden, to Norway and Finland.

  • Delivery Advise – the recipient is informed by text message or email about the day on which the parcel will be delivered.
  • Delivery Notification – the recipient is notified by text message or email that the parcel is on its way out. Also applies to zone 2–4.
  • Delivery Confirmation – notify the recipient by text message or email that the parcel has been delivered/collected. The message is sent once we have registered that the parcel has been handed over to the recipient

Additional services

Before 9Parcel is delivered to recipient before 09 AM on holiday-free Monday to Friday. The goods shall be labelled with a Before 9-label. This additional service can be added to a limited number of destinations. See delivery times. Applies within the Nordic region.
Before 12Parcel is delivered to recipient before 12 PM on holiday-free Monday to Friday. The goods shall be labelled with a Before 12-label. This additional service can be added to a limited number of destinations. See delivery times. Applies within the Nordic region.
Driver NotificationRecipient receives a phone call from driver before delivery. Applies within the Nordic region. 
Return to senderParcels that cannot be delivered to the recipient are returned directly back to the sender. Applies within the Nordic region (not to Finland).
ID CheckID Check is required on delivery. Applies within the Nordic region (not to Finland).
Dangerous goods LQYou can send a certain limited quantity of dangerous goods. Information about dangerous goods can be obtained from MSB – Swedish Civil Contingencies. Check the relevant countries/postal codes (pdf in Swedish)
Recipient freightWhen your recipient is to pay for the shipping This requires that both the recipient and the sender are credit customers. Applies within Sweden.
Delivery without PODThe parcel is delivered without the recipient personally accepting and confirming receipt of the shipment. Applies within the Nordic region.
New deliveryThe sender or recipient can subsequently request a new delivery attempt to the recipient’s delivery address.
Return engagementIf your customer wants to return a parcel and you are paying the shipping we will collect it. Applies within Sweden.
Delivery ChangeYou can change the recipient, the recipient’s address, return to sender, retention period before delivery. Applies within Sweden.
Signature assuranceSignature assurance means the recipient cannot choose delivery without POD as a delivery option. Applies in Denmark.
Climate CompensationPostNord invests the full compensation in renewable energy production in developing countries. Fossil energy production is replaced by renewable. This is done with the help of UN-certified CDM projects (Clean Development Mechanism) via the company 2050.
InsuranceClaims can be made if the contents are damaged or if all or part of the contents have been lost. The compensation is based on the value of the goods.
DigitalLOCKThe item may be delivered to a place secured by a digital lock without the recipient having received the item personally and signed for it. Applies within Sweden.

Get started with PostNord Parcel

To be able to use PostNord Parcel you need to be a service agreement customer.

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