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A girl attaching a shipping lable on a parcel.
Buy freight in Send Direct

Send parcels easily and safely to China

Use our Send Direct tool to send parcels to China. It will help you choose the right service at the right price and get access to the correct customs forms.

Send parcels to China – it's easy

Sending parcels to China is not necessarily more difficult than sending parcels within Sweden. Use Send Direct, our tool for purchasing freight online.

With our Send Direct tool, you get help all the way. Specify that you want to send to China, measure and weigh your parcel, and you will then be guided step by step until the process is complete. Send Direct makes a complex process simple and handles everything from small packages containing, for example, a t-shirt to heavy parcels, such as a removal box full of books.

Do you often send parcels to China?

Send Direct allows you to create an account free of charge and get an overview of your shipments and receipts, see the status of shipments sent and save recipient addresses.

Get the cost directly for sending to China

With Send Direct, you can find information on the website on the various options for your parcel and what the options cost. The price depends, for example, on how big and heavy your parcel is and how quickly you want it to arrive. You receive information on the basic price and the meaning and prices of the different options.

You can track your package depending on size

When you ship to China, the size of the parcel and the shipping time you choose determines whether it is traceable or not. The smaller sizes up to a maximum of two kilos are traceable. Larger parcels and Registered mail are traceable if you choose to purchase faster delivery.

To track the package, pay in Send Direct then drop off your parcel at a partner outlet. The shipping ID number will be on the delivery receipt. Track your parcel all the way to the recipient at or in the PostNord app.

What are you allowed to send to China?

When you want to send something abroad, there are restrictions on what you can and cannot send in the parcel. All parcels are X-rayed and if an item is found to violate the rules, it will be sent back to the recipient.

The rules are updated on a regular basis. The best way to obtain fully accurate information about what you are allowed and not allowed to send to China is from China’s Customs Office or China’s Embassy in Sweden. Additionally, there are general rules on items that cannot be sent with PostNord. See our General Terms and Conditions and specific terms of service.

Fill in your customs declaration om Send Direct

When you ship outside of the EU, you need to fill in a customs declaration form. There are two different types of forms, depending on the value of the items you are sending. If you are sending something worth less than SEK 2,000, fill in Customs Document CN22. If you are sending something worth more than SEK 2,000, fill in Customs Document CN23. The customs declaration documents can be found in Send Direct. You just need to fill in the form, print and sign. Then stick it to the package with the address label.

The customs declaration and address information can be written in English, even when you are sending items to China.

Good to know about customs in China

When you ship items to countries outside the EU, they will go through the recipient country's customs. Bear in mind that the number of days we indicate that shipping takes is excluding those days the package is in customs, as their handling is beyond our control.

Also, be aware that when you ship parcels to China, the Chinese customs may charge for administration, customs and VAT. You are not charged for these; instead, the recipient bears the costs, whether the item is a gift or not.

Make it easy for you to send packages to China

Send your parcel with PostNord and Send Direct.