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International Tracked Letter

International Tracked Letter is a letter service which you can track from posting  to delivery in over 40 countries.

You can send documents and smaller items worth up to SEK 2,000. Your International Tracked Letter is given a unique item ID, which can be tracked here on, from drop-off to delivery for a dozen countries. International Tracked Letter can be sent to countries in accordance with fact sheet ”Traceable International Letter Services”, se fact sheet​.

The letter is delivered right to the recipient’s mailbox and in the event that the shipment is too large to fit in the mailbox, the recipient will be notified. The customer then collects the item from the nearest distribution center. 

International Tracked Letter is a letter service for lighter goods and documents weighing between 150 g and 2 kg. Minimum thickness for an item is 15 mm. Rolls may not be sent. The service presumes that you are an EDI customer with PostNord and that submission of production and billing information takes place via EDI. For this purpose you can use our free system Pacsoft Online.

See delivery times for y​our letter (Swedish only)

International Tracked Letter with Track & Trace

Each International Tracked Letter item is given a unique item ID and can be tracked all the way from posting to delivery in more than 30 countries (e.g. Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Germany).

In the fact sheet "Traceable Export Services" you can see where you can track your International Tracked Letter.

To fact sheets
To Trac​k & Trace Letters and Parcels

Practial Information

EDI and bar code

The EDI file with data about the mail items must be submitted to PostNord no later than an hour. For this purpose you can use our free system Pacsoft Online.


International Tracked Letter items can be left at our drop-off points.

Notification in advance

The recipient for an International Tracked Letter will be notified by e-mail in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English, when information about the recipient’s email address is available.

Customs information

When sending outside the EU, you must enclose special customs documentation. To Cu​stoms information

Security Declaration

When sending letters containing merchandies inside the EU, you must enclose a security declaration.

Security declaration (Swedish only)

EU directives for air freight

In line with EU directives from April 29 2010, items that shall be transported by air have to be x-rayed in order to ensure that they satisfy flight safety regulations. If x-ray scanning cannot determine the content of an item, the shipment must be sent by other means, if that is possible, such as train or truck. This may result in your shipment being delayed. If this is not possible the item will be returned to sender.