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Many letters in a box. Many letters in a box.
International letter service for businesses

International letter shipment

In order to allow us to plan and ensure your consignments arrive on time, you need to make a booking for large shipments.

Book a letter shipment

Benefits with International letter shipment

  • Fast – ensure fast delivery by booking the shipment before handing it in.
  • Straightforward – simplifies your planning as you know for sure when the shipment is sent.
  • Reliable – booking ensures on-time delivery, as it facilitates our production planning.
  • Attractively priced – booking ensures that the lowest price is obtained, pursuant to the listing of services.
  • Easy – book directly here on the website.
Ensure fast delivery when you as a company need to send a lot of letters to recipients outside Sweden.

Do you need to send a lot of letters abroad? Then you can book an International Letter Shipment before handing in the letters, to ensure fast delivery.

You can use International Letter Shipment when sending at least 300 small letters, 100 large letters or 30 maxi letters to one or more countries on a single occasion. You can send your shipment as First Class Mail or Economy mail, depending on how urgent it is. You need to send at least 300 small letters, 100 large letters or 30 maxi letters to Denmark to get a faster delivery time on a single occasion. The measurements for the different formats can be found in the terms and conditions.

Letters containing goods and are sent outside EU shall be marked with a unique item-ID number and corresponding barcode. The letter is not traceable. You can create and print the labels and customs documentations via our system Pacsoft Online.

What can I send when shipping abroad?

You can essentially send whatever you want, if it complies with the following restrictions:

  • The letters must not contain anything precious, like gold, silver, gems, coins, banknotes or securities.
  • The letters may not be classed as dangerous goods. More information about what is classed as dangerous goods.
  • Are you sending goods by air? There are restrictions of what type of goods that are approved for air transportation. The restrictions are issued by the International Air Transport Association. More information is to be found in The Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual.

In the case of air transport when shipping letters overseas

Pursuant to the 2010 EU Directive, shipments transported by air have to be X-rayed to comply with air safety rules. If the X-ray does not provide any information about the contents of the shipment, the shipment will be sent using a different mode of transport, such as a rail or road. If that is not possible, the shipment is returned to the sender.

When should I book my letter shipment?

First Class International shipment at the latest by 9 am on the day of handing in

  • Sorted shipments with at least 25,000 pieces of mail.
  • At least 5,000 items with a thickness of more than 2 cm.

Economy Class International Letter Shipment at the latest by 5 pm on the day before handing in

  • Sorted shipments with at least 50,000 pieces of mail.
  • At least 5,000 items with a thickness of more than 2 cm.

How to sort letters for shipping abroad

Please check our sorting instructions to streamline your handling of large shipments of letters and other items.

Drop-off locations for letters

Information about our drop-off locations is available in the factsheet describing the specific service that you want to use for shipments. Factsheets for our services are available in alphabetic order here.

Delivery time for various countries

The delivery time depends on where in the world you want to send your letters. You can search for country-specific information for details of letter shipments to your country of interest.

Sending shipments outside the EU

When sending goods to destinations outside the EU, you must enclose special customs documents with your shipment. When you print address labels via Pacsoft Online the customs EDI will be created simultaneously and will be sent to the receiving customs. Handling in customs in the receiving country will then be faster. More information about customs procedures outside the EU.

Sending shipments within the EU

When sending goods within the EU, you always need to include a safety declaration (pdf).

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Domestic letter shipment

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