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Domestic letter service for businesses

First Class Mail Domestic

First class letters can weigh up to 2 kg and usually arrive the day after being posted in a mailbox or handed in at a partner outlet, business service center or letter terminal.

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Benefits with First Class Mail Domestic
  • Fast – usually reaches the recipient the day after being posted.
  • Flexible – the consignment can weigh up to 2 kg, which allows you to send everything from a postcard to a product.
  • Simple – you post the item in a PostNord mailbox or hand it in at a partner outlet.
  • Straightforward – you can buy stamps or packaging with pre-paid postage in our online store.
Send a standard letter with quicker delivery

You can send consignments weighing up to 2 kg as first class letters. They are normally delivered the day after being posted.

How do I send First Class Mail Domestic?

Put stamps, which can be purchased at our partner outlets and in our online store, on the consignment. Packaging with prepaid postage is also available via these channels.

If your company sends a lot of items, you can apply to become a service agreement customer and pay using an invoice. In such cases you use Postage Paid consignments. A franking machine can be used to make it easier to handle all your consignments. This ensures you always have the right postage on hand. You can also use stamps for your consignments.

You then post the letter in a mailbox, with stamps on it or after it has been franked using a franking machine. If you have a lot of letters to send, you can hand them in at any of our business service centers or letter terminals.

How much does it cost?

The postage depends on the weight of the letter. The current prices, and number of stamps thus required, are listed here. The prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK).

Max. weight in gramsPrice in SEKNumber of non-denominated stamps

When will the letter arrive?

Domestic letters sent and delivered in Sweden normally arrive on the following day.

Dimensions and weight for a first class letter envelope

LengthMin. 14 cm and max. 60 cm
WidthMin. 9 cm
Max. volumeLength + width + thickness combined can be max. 90 cm
Maximum weight2 kg

Size guide for letters in a tube

LengthMin. 10 cm and max. 90 cm

Length + double diameter combined can be


Max. 104 cm and min. 17 cm

For items with a larger short side (width) than 25 cm or a larger thickness/diameter than 3 cm, an extra bulky supplement is charged, in accordance with the normal price list applicable at any given time.

If the consignment is too large to be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, a notification is sent to the recipient, who can collect it from a partner outlet instead.


The consignment must be enclosed within an envelope or other comparable covering, such as our range of pre-paid postage products.

Coverings are not required if you send rectangular cards weighing at least 150 grams/square meter.

Can I send anything I want?

You can essentially send whatever you want, if it complies with the following restrictions:

  • The consignment should not contain anything of economic value.
  • The consignment may not be classed as dangerous goods.

More information about what you are not allowed to send is available here.

Additional services

You can buy stamps and packaging with pre-paid postage in our online shop and at partner outlets.

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