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International letter service

International Tracked Letter

Track international letters all the way – from handing in to PostNord through to delivery to the recipient – in over 40 countries.

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Benefits with International Tracked Letter

  • Secure – you can follow letters all the way to delivery.

  • Extensive coverage – can be sent to more than 40 countries.

  • Straightforward – the customer simply posts the consignment at the nearest mailbox or hands it in at a partner outlet.

Send letters abroad with complete trackability

Each consignment is allocated a unique identity and can be tracked all the way from posting to delivery.

Sending International Tracked Letter as a private customer

Trackable International Letters can be paid for via Skicka Direkt, and sent to the countries listed in the fact sheet "Traceable International Services", which is available in the alphabetic list of fact sheets sorted by Swedish names. International Tracked Letter is called Spårbart brev utrikes. Each consignment is allocated a unique identity and can be tracked all the way from posting to delivery.

Sending International Tracked Letter as a business customer

Business customers can follow all their consignments via Pacsoft Online. Pacsoft Online is a free tool if you are a service agreement customer. All you need to get started is a customer number. Business customers can also use their own transport administration systems (TA system). Become a service agreement customer.


State the name and postal address of the recipient and sender. Each letter is allocated a unique barcode. The shipping label, with the unique barcode, can be printed in several ways:

  • Via the Pacsoft Online printing system.
  • Via your own computer/printer, after making a payment in Skicka Direkt.
  • Via your own printing system. When handing in a Trackable International Letter, the customer has to provide the relevant information via EDI.

Handing in

The consignment can be handed in at one of our service points. The first registration of the consignment is considered to be the time of handing in. Search for your nearest service point.

What you are allowed to send

Consignments may not contain items classified as dangerous goods. Roll-shaped consignments cannot be sent as Trackable International Letters. More information about what you are allowed and are not allowed to send.

Dimension and weights for International Tracked Letter

LengthMin. 14 cm and max. 60 cm
WidthMin. 9 cm
ThicknessMin. 1.5 cm
Length + width + thicknessMax. 90 cm
WeightMin. 150 g and max. 2 kg

Wrapping and packaging

The consignment’s wrapping and packaging should provide good protection for the contents.

Directives regarding air freight goods

EU directives mean that, from April 29, 2010, shipments shipped by air have to be X-rayed to comply with air safety regulations. In cases in which X-rays cannot clarify the content of the consignment, it is, where possible, shipped using other modes of transport such as rail or road. As a result, the consignment will arrive later than expected. If that is not possible, the consignment will be returned to the sender.

Customs information

When sending goods outside the EU, you must enclose special customs documents with your shipment. When you print address labels via Send Direct, Send Direct business or Pacsoft Online the customs EDI will be created simultaneously and will be sent to the receiving customs. Handling in customs in the receiving country will then be faster. Customs procedures outside the EU.

Safety declaration

When sending goods within the EU, you always need to include a safety declaration. Safety declaration within EU (pdf in Swedish).

Tracking your consignment

You can track letters, parcels and pallets, using your Shipment-ID.

Sending International Tracked Letter

Pay for the service via Skicka Direkt and simply print out your shipping documents.

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