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International letter and parcel service

EMS International Express

EMS International Express is a service that you use when you need rapid and secure international express distribution of valuable documents and goods, straight to the recipient’s door.

Benefits with EMS International Express
  • Fast – Send letters that arrive with express speed.
  • Secure – makes it possible to send valuable documents and goods internationally.
  • Trackable – Track the parcel all the way to delivery.
Send shipments that need fast and reliable express distribution to other countries

Do you want to send documents or goods abroad so that they arrive quickly? Our EMS International Express service allows you to send shipments that need fast and reliable express distribution to other countries. Shipments can be tracked to their recipients in more than a hundred countries.

Send with EMS International Express

Sending with EMS International Express is simple. As a service agreement customer, you can order packaging directly here. You print out the shipping documents directly via Send Direct, your own transport administration system (TA system) or Pacsoft Online. You pay postage via Send Direct, or through payment by invoice.

Handing in

You hand in your shipment at one of our service points. Search for your nearest service point.


EMS International Express may contain documents and goods up to a market value of SEK 50,000/shipment.


The delivery time varies per recipient country. At least one attempt to deliver the shipment during office hours is made in the recipient country before a notification slip regarding the shipment is left at the recipient’s premises. Depending on the country, the shipment is sent back to the sender after 7 to 15 working days. Seek information per country to see what applies to each country.

Dimensions and weights

Max. length: 1.5 m
Max. length + circumference: 3.0 m
Max. weight, customer service agreement customers: 30 kg/shipment
Max. weight, customers making direct payments: 20 kg/shipment

Volume calculation is used for volume charging and is estimated at 280 kg per m3.

Customs information

When sending products outside the EU, you must enclose special customs documents with your shipment.
Customs procedures outside the EU.

What may you not send?

Shipments may not contain items classified as hazardous goods. More information about what you are allowed and not allowed to send.

EDI and bar code

As a service agreement customer, no later than one hour before dropping off your shipments, you submit the EDI file with data about the shipments to us. If you are a service agreement customer, you can use our free transport tool, Pacsoft Online.

Air cargo

Pursuant to the 2010 EU Directive, shipments transported by air have to be X-rayed to comply with air safety rules. If the X-ray does not provide sufficient information about the contents of the shipment, it is sent using a different mode of transport, such as rail or road. If that is not possible, the shipment is returned to the sender.

Safety declaration

When sending goods within the EU, you always need to include a safety declaration. Safety declaration within EU (pdf in Swedish).

EMS with tracking

All EMS shipments are given a unique identity that can be traced to more than 100 countries. Complete list of countries is available in the Track International Shipments factsheet. To Track letters, parcels and pallets.

Send with EMS International Express

As a service agreement customer, you can order packaging and use our web-based transport tool, Pacsoft Online, to provide advance notice of shipments, print out shipping documents and track and follow up your shipments.

Get started with Pacsoft Online

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