If you want to avoid paperwork and administration by letting PostNord take care of all your mailings to customers.

If you want to avoid paperwork and administration - allow us to take care of your mailings

Do you want to be able to choose whether your customers, suppliers, and employees can get their invoices, lists, salary details and other documents as digital mailings or as physical documents? This is made possible with our various eBREV services. You just send one file with data to us and we send the documents to the recipients electronically or as a normal letter – domestically or abroad.


You avoid paperwork and administration and get more time for your core business activities.


You just send one file of data to us and we take care of the printing, mailing and distribution.


You avoid the costs of paper, printing and shipping while also being kind to the environment.


You can choose to send an eBREV with exactly the same information to multiple recipients, or tailor the contents for different people.

eBREV eliminates the paperwork and administration for you, and the service is suitable for all manner of standardized mailings, such as invoices, salary details, bank statements and rent payment requests, to name just a few examples.

eBREV allows you to improve your workflows and focus more on your core business. eBREV is also flexible, as you can choose to send a letter with exactly the same information to many recipients, or tailor the content to different people.

All our mailings use environmentally-friendly paper and envelopes. Printing takes place as close to your recipients as possible, to avoid unnecessary transportation, thus protecting the environment.

Benefits for your recipients, such as customers, suppliers and employees:

  • Better overview of documents.
  • Easier to find important documents.
  • Increased security, as all documents can be stored safely on a computer.

How eBREV works:

  1. You send a file to us containing the recipient addresses and any other information that is to be included in the mailing.
  2. We keep track of which customers want to receive mailings electronically and which want to receive ordinary letters.
  3. We then take care of everything related to the distribution, such as printing, mailing and delivery.
  4. If digital channel options have been chosen, we sort and send the selected letters digitally.

Delivery time

The delivery time for eBREV is the same as for the usual domestic mail. If you send your file before 9 am and choose First Class Letter, the mailing normally arrives on the first or on the second day after submission of the file, see more about delivery times. If you use Economy letter, the letter arrives at the recipient within four working days.

In the case of recipients in other countries, the same delivery times apply as for 1st class and 2nd class letters sent abroad.


The price for eBREV consists of two main parts – one part for the print production and data preparation (electronic handling of the input data) and the other part for the postage (physical distribution).

The basic price for eBREV includes the cost for color printing, envelopes and additional services. See complete price list.

The price for the service includes:

  • White standard paper (90 g)
  • Color printing on one side
  • Envelope
  • Distribution
  • Data preparation

The following additional options are also available:

  • Color printing on both sides (duplex)
  • Laminated items
  • Variable perforation (max. 4 perforations)
  • Self-mailer
  • Two-channel enveloping
  • Late submission


  1. You send your letter template to us. We enter it into our system.
  2. You send a file containing recipient addresses and the other information that is to be included in the mailing.
  3. We take care of the printing, the enveloping and the distribution to recipients in the way they have chosen to receive mailings from you.
  4. If digital channel options have been chosen, we sort and send the selected letters digitally.

How to get started with eBREV

You need to have a customer number in order to use the service. You can get this by becoming a service agreement customer.

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