Brev Skicka Lätt

Brev Skicka Lätt is an attractively priced domestic service for sending something that you want to be able to track all the way.

When you want to send a larger letter and be able to track it

Brev Skicka Lätt is an attractively priced domestic service for senders who want to be able to track a letter but do not require that the recipient signs for it.


The letter can be tracked.


Can be ordered and paid for online.


An attractively priced service for senders who want to track a letter, but do not require receipt of collection.

Brev Skicka Lätt allows the sending of fairly light items with a weight of up to 2 kg, such as a book. The letter can be handed in at any of our local service points. It can be tracked. The recipient receives a text message or paper-based notification when the letter is ready for collection and the sender receives a confirmation when the letter has been collected. Collection does not require that the recipient shows an identity document. However, the recipient should be able to state the number specified in the text message, paper-based notification or email notification.

The service can be ordered and paid for via the Skicka Direkt online tool.

Brev Skicka Lätt letters are delivered within two working days after drop-off.

How it works

  1. Go to the Skicka Direkt online tool.
  2. State whether the letter weighs max. 1 kg or max. 2 kg.
  3. Enter the recipient’s name, address and email address.
  4. Pay and print out the shipping documents.
  5. Stick the shipping documents onto the consignment.
  6. Hand the letter at one of our local service points.
  7. Track the letter via the Track letters, parcels and pallets service.

Prices, dimensions and weight for Brev Skicka Lätt

Price Up to 1 kg SEK 66
Up to 2 kg SEK 99
Max. dimensions Length 60 cm
Width+length+height No more than 90 cm
Min. dimensions Length 14 cm, width 9 cm
Max. weight 2 kg

Order and pay for the service via the Skicka Direkt online tool

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