Climate-friendly letters

If you want to be especially caring to the environment, you can send domestic letters to domestic with our Climate-friendly letter service.

For companies that want to be especially kind to the environment

Does your company want to send lots of letters while still taking good care of the environment? Our Climate-friendly letters service is what you need in that case. This service allows you to send domestic letters in a climate-friendly way.


Take care of the environment by offsetting the emissions produced by your mailings.

Environmentally friendly

Send climate-friendly mail domestically and internationally at no extra cost.


Show that you care for the environment by sending eco-labeled consignments to your customers.

It doesn’t cost anything extra to send letters that are kind to the environment using the Climate-friendly letters service. Sending consignments in a climate-friendly way means that PostNord offsets the greenhouse gas emissions that your mail generates.

PostNord calculates the impact the service being used has in terms of the greenhouse effect. Based on these calculations, the corresponding sum is invested in projects that have a positive impact on the environment. Air transport is not used and returns from mailings are recycled.

Letters sent with this service are marked as climate-friendly with a special cliché, which can be downloaded here.

In order to send your shipments with the Climate-friendly service, you have to ensure that

  • you and your subcontractors are certified pursuant to ISO 14 001 or equivalent
  • your paper and envelopes comply with the Nordic Ecolabel criteria or equivalent
  • the consignment and its contents are recyclable as paper, cardboard or plastic.

Notification of handing in

The handing in of the consignment can be made more straightforward by submitting Electronic invoice data.

Booking a shipment

In order to allow us to plan and ensure your shipments arrive on time, you need to make a booking as follows:

  • By 9 am at the latest on the same day, if you are sending
    • 2,000 consignments or more.
  • By 5 pm on the day before submission at the latest, if you are sending
    • sorted shipments with at least 50,000 pieces of mail
    • unsorted shipments with at least 20,000 pieces of mail
    • sorted shipments containing at least 2,000 pieces of mail that are thicker than 2 cm.

Book a letter shipment for Climate-friendly letters

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