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If you want to send valuable items such as gold, silver, coins, banknotes or securities, you can do this safely with Valuables.

If you send something that is especially valuable

Do you or your company want to send something especially valuable within Sweden? If you hand it over to us you can be sure that it will be handled carefully the whole way.


The shipment must be signed for upon collection.


Always registration upon delivery.


Usually reaches the recipient within two days after being handed in (direct payment) and the day after being handed in (service agreement customers).

We can help you send precious items such as gold, silver, gems, coins, banknotes or securities. When you hand in your shipment, you will receive a receipt from PostNord. Valuables are then only handed over to recipients if signature of receipt and proof of identity are provided. As the sender, you can see when the shipment is handed over to the recipient.

Value of the contents

The contents of Valuables are allowed to have a maximum market value of SEK 50,000, or a maximum of SEK 10,000 if you are sending cash or other means of payment.

How big can the shipment be?

A Valuable must be at least 14 cm long and 9 cm wide. The length and perimeter can be a maximum of 200 cm.

Valuables can have a maximum weight of 20 kg.

Arranging shipping documents

For companies:

  1. Via the developed printing system Postnord​ provides or another Transport Administration​ system (TA system) approved by PostNord​.
  2. Via your own TA system.​
  3. When dropping the item off at one of our Business Service Centres.

If you send large amounts of Valuables, you can apply as a company for “Postage Paid” and pay via invoice. You can do this via or customer service.

For individuals:
Direct payment when handed in at a Business Service Center.

Locations for handing in shipments

You can hand in your shipments at one of our Business Service Centers (in Swedish) or to rural mail carriers.

Delivery time

Valuables are delivered to the recipient within two days after being handed in (for direct paying customers) and the day after being handed in (for service agreement customers). It can take a little longer to deliver shipments over weekends or public holidays, or to certain destinations*. You are welcome to ask us when the shipment is expected to arrive when handing it in.

If your shipment is sent by air, it may need to be x-rayed (if it weighs more than 2 kg), and in cases in which it is not possible to clarify the contents, it will be sent using a different method of transport. This could result in the shipment taking somewhat longer.

*Find out what applies for certain destinations (pdf in Swedish).

Collecting your shipment

Shipments are only handed over to the recipient if he or she provides signature of receipt and proof of identity. This is done at one of our Business Service Centers or via rural mail carriers. It must be collected by the recipient or somebody who has been authorized to collect it by the recipient. The shipment is available at the distribution point for 14 days after the day of arrival.

If the recipient is a company, agency or other organization, the authorized company signatory or authorized representative must sign for the shipment.

Do you need to send weapons?

If you are sending weapons the main section and vital section of them must be sent in separate Valuables. We also recommend that the customer fits a weapons lock to the main section of the weapon. It is not permitted to send explosive ammunition loaded with gunpowder, carbonic acid or flammable liquids. Note that compliance with the Swedish Weapons Act is required.

Additional services

Personal delivery

If you send a shipment to a private individual and want the addressee to personally sign for it.

Recipient receipt

If advanced notification of delivery is issued using EDI, a picture of the recipient’s receipt signature can be provided.

Original delivery notification

You receive the original version of the recipient’s signed notification after the end of the retention period (2 months).

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