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Registered Mail Domestic

When sending important documents or small, valuable goods within Sweden, it is safest to send them as Registered Mail Domestic.
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Send important documents and valuable goods in Sweden securely

Do you want to send important documents or valuable goods within Sweden? Then you can send them with Registered Mail Domestic. The consignment is only handed over to the recipient if confirmation of receipt and proof of identity is provided by the recipient. This ensures that the consignment always ends up in the hands of your intended recipient.


The consignment is only handed over if confirmation of receipt and proof of identity are provided by the recipient.


Registered mail sent within Sweden usually arrives the next business day*.


Track the consignment all the way to the recipient.

If the consignment is sent within Sweden, it usually arrives the next business day*.

What can the consignment contain?

Registered consignments sent within Sweden may contain goods with a value of up to SEK 10,000, or SEK 5,000 if the contents are cash.

How do I send it?

The easiest way is to go to the tool Skicka Direkt, where you can purchase the waybill. Hand in the registered letter together with the shipping document at your nearest service point (in Swedish).

Are there any restrictions on what I can send?

You may not send items classified as dangerous goods. Read more about what you are not allowed to send.

What happens if the consignment is damaged or lost?

We provide maximum compensation of SEK 10,000, or SEK 5,000 if the contents were cash, if the consignment is damaged or lost. The compensation payable is calculated using the market value of the contents. If the market value is higher than the respective maximum sum defined below, no compensation at all is paid for loss or damage.

Do you need confirmation of receipt?

If you need proof that the recipient has received your consignment, you can purchase Advise of delivery.

Do you want to ensure that the registered mail is only handed over directly to the intended recipient?

If you want to ensure that only the recipient can collect the consignment, rather than an authorized representative, you can purchase Personal Delivery. 

Do you want to track your consignment?

If you have the consignment number, you can easily track your consignment within Sweden directly online.

If you need more information about Registered Mail Domestic​

​*With the exception of certain geographical restrictions (pdf in Swedish).​

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