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Parcel Post International

Send parcels weighing up to 20 kilo to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world.
Send Parcel Post International using Skicka Direkt

If you want to send parcels to other places in Europe and the rest of the world

With our Post Parcel International service, consumers can easily and safely send parcels weighing up to 20 kilo anywhere in the world.

Send wherever you want

Send parcels to recipients anywhere in the world.


Purchase the required postage directly online.


The parcel will normally arrive at recipients in Europe within 2–5 days.

How do I send Post Parcel International consignments?

The easiest way to send parcels is by using Skicka Direkt, where you can pay the postage via your computer and print the shipping documents. Then you hand in the parcel at your nearest service point. You can also pay for the parcel at one of our service points.

Do you not have a printer? That’s no problem, you can print your shipping documents at the service point. Just show the barcode you receive when making your purchase.


Delivery times vary, depending on the destination of the parcel. Within Europe, parcels are usually delivered 2–5 days after being handed in. Delivery to the door is also included in certain countries. Calculate the time it takes for the parcel to arrive at the recipient.

Returns of Parcel Post International

If the recipient does not pick up the package, this will be returned to you. You will then have to pay a fixed fee for return handling, currently SEK 160 SEK.

Are you sending a parcel within the EU?

For shipments containing goods sent to countries outside the EU, different requirements are imposed on you as a sender, depending on whether gifts or products for sale are being sent.

Search for information about the rules that apply when sending parcels to other countries.

More information is available from the Swedish Customs Agency.

The following documents need to be included when you send a parcel abroad

You can order the documents here on the website or pick-up up at one of our Service Points. If you buy freight via Skicka Direkt, you fill in the documents directly in the tool.

Item value max. SEK 2,000* Customs Declaration CN23. EORI/personal ID number must be stated if the item is being sent for retail purposes.
Item value more than SEK 2,000 Customs Declaration CN23 and commercial or pro forma invoice in triplicate. EORI/personal ID number must always be stated. Personal ID number can be stated on the enclosed invoice/receipt instead of on the export declaration.

*For consignments going to China with a value of less than SEK 2,000, the same rules apply as for a value of more than SEK 2,000.


All prices are based on the weight of the parcel. The price varies depending on the destination of the parcel. For parcels with a length of more than 1.2 m, there is a supplementary charge, please see the applicable price list for details. See exact prices in the price list.

More detailed price lists are available here


Consignments may not contain dangerous goods. More information about what you are and are not allowed to send.

Additional services

Goods insurance

Take out an additional goods insurance policy (pdf in Swedish)

Send with Parcel Post International

Pay and send directly.

To Skicka Direkt
To Skicka Direkt

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