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MyPack Collect

MyPack Collect can be used by companies to send parcels to their customers, for delivery to distribution points in the Nordic region and other parts of Europe.
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MyPack Collect can be used to send parcels to customers in the Nordic region and other countries in Europe. 

Regardless of whether you run an e-commerce operation or simply want to be able to send parcels to your customers in a smooth way, MyPack Collect is the service for you.


We pick up the parcel from you and deliver it to a partner outlet near the recipient.


The recipient receives notification when the parcel can be collected.


You can track the parcel the whole way to the recipient.

We collect the parcel from your premises and deliver it to a distribution point located close to the recipient. We deliver within the Nordic region and to other countries in Europe, and have a large distribution network that is constantly growing.

With MyPack Collect, you can follow the route of the parcel from the pick up right through to collection by the recipient at the distribution point. The recipient receives a message via sms, email or the PostNord app when the parcel is available for collection from the partner outlet by the recipient. Easy for you and easy for your customers.

MyPack Collect parcels can weigh up to 20 kg.

Maximum dimensions for parcels sent within the Nordic region

Maximum length 150 centimeters
Max. length + perimeter 300 centimeters

Maximum dimensions for parcels sent to the rest of Europe​

Maximum length 100 centimeters
Max. length + perimeter 250 centimeters
Maximum dimensions for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: 61 x 44 x 37 centimeters.

Delivery time

The parcel is usually available for collection by the recipient at the distribution point on the next business day in Sweden and within 2-6 business days outside Sweden.

There are longer delivery times to some locations/countries, see specific delivery times.

Tracking parcels

The Track letters, parcels and pallets service allows the parcel to be tracked the whole way.

Limitation of liability

We have only limited liability for goods, up to a value of SEK 150 per kg, as defined in NSAB 2015 (General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders) and applicable laws and regulations. If necessary, a supplementary cargo insurance (in Swedish) policy can be taken out.


The service is environmentally certified pursuant to ISO 14001 and quality certified pursuant to ISO 9001.

Pay and print out shipping documents

Skicka Direkt Business can be used to book pick ups, print shipping documents and create electronic advance notifications. Reports for checking and follow-up can also be generated.

Export to and import from Norway

Different conditions may sometimes apply when sending consignments to Norway. Your salesperson or our customer service can be contacted for more information.

MyPack Collect parcels are delivered to the following countries

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Åland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland and Czechia*.

*From January 2020.

Additional services

Advance notification

The recipient is notified via sms or email regarding the day the parcel will be delivered. This can be used for MyPack Collect parcels within Sweden.

Age check

 Age check is used where there is a further requirement to check that the recipient is the right age to receive the delivery: 16, 18 or 20 years old. Applies within Sweden.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

With Cash on Delivery (COD) the recipient can pay for the parcel when it is collected. The money is paid into your specified bankgiro or plusgiro account. This can be used for MyPack Collect parcels within Sweden and to Norway.

Change in delivery arrangement

Changes can be made to the delivery process before the parcel is collected by the recipient. For example, the recipient or recipient’s address can be changed, or it can be specified that the parcels is to be returned to the sender. You can order the additional service via PostNord Portal if the shipping document has been printed there, or by the Pick up forms.

Choice of Collection Location

A specific distribution point can be selected, i.e. the place where the recipient collects the parcel is specified. Mandatory to use for recipients outside Sweden

Climate compensation

PostNord providing carbon offsetting by investing the full amount payable in renewable energy production in developing countries. Renewable sources replace fossil energy production. This is done by means of UN-certified CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects through company 2015.

Collect In-store

The additional service enables the customer to choose which of the customer’s collection points the parcel should be held at for collection. Applies within the Nordic region.

Collect in Store – Label only

Can be used if the customer only requires notification by email or text, followed by collection from the customer’s collection point. Applies within the Nordic region.

Enhanced identification

Enhanced identification is used when it is especially important to check that the recipient personally picks up the parcel. In addition to the name and address, the recipient’s personal identification number is also verified prior to collection from a partner outlet. This can be used for MyPack Collect parcels within Sweden.

Extended retention time 14 days

The period of retention time is extended to 14 days. Applies within Sweden and to Norway.

Extended retention time 30 days

The period of retention time is extended to 30 days. Applies within Sweden.

Fixed retention time 7 days

The recipient will not be offered an extension of their period of retention to 14 days. Applies within Sweden and Norway. 

ID Check

When picking up parcels, the receiver identifies himself with identification and signature, applies to MyPack Collect to Norway. Included in the basic service to other countries.


Take out an additional insurance policy.

Parcel Locker

Meet the receivers' expectations of smooth and flexible deliveries to Parcel lockers. This will provide you with a relevant delivery offer in your checkout.
In order to offer Parcel lockers to your customers, you need MyPack Collect and the value-added service Choice of Collection point.

  • Offer Parcel lockers as an option in your checkout.
  • Parcel locker as an additional service is added automatically in our systems when the recipient selects Parcel locker as the delivery location.
  • The Parcel lockers can be listed as a separate delivery point by alongside other Service points via PostNord's API. We recommend using the API Service Points V5 for the best receiver experience.

Start sending MyPack Collect

MyPack Collect can be sent using Send Direct Business. To use this service, you have to be a service agreement customer.

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