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Large letters with sorting code

Do you need to send a lot of large letters with varying weights and formats? It is easiest to use our Large letters with sorting code service for this.
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A service for sending a lot of large letters at the same time

A cost-efficient and quick service for sending at least 100 big letters with differing weights and formats.


Your letters can have a mix of different weights and formats.


Lower postage than other letter services when sending a lot of letters.


Usually reaches the recipient on the first or on the second day after being posted.

How do I send a consignment of letters?

The shipment needs a barcode containing a postal code. The letters can be handed in at PostNord's letter terminals and business service centers. You can hand in all your big letters as a single shipment, regardless of their weight and format. Find your closest letter terminal or business service center.

Are there any restrictions on what I can send?

See more information aboutwhat you are allowed and not allowed to send.

How much does it cost?

See the price list for details of costs.

How long does it take to deliver the letters?

The letters can be sent within Sweden and reach the recipient on the first or on the second business day after being posted. If a letter is too large to be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, it can instead be collected from the closest partner outlet.

Dimensions and weight for Large letters with sorting code

Smallest dimensions Length 14 cm and width 9 cm
Max. dimensions Length 60 cm, length + width + thickness 90 cm
Weight 100 g – 2 000 g

Do you need further information?

You are welcome to contact our customer service.
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