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Give your recipients the greatest possible freedom of choice regarding delivery options.
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FlexChange helps your recipients choose how and when their parcels are delivered or picked up.

Your customers, whether they are individuals or companies, want to be able to choose how and when their parcels are delivered. That makes their lives easier. You can simplify matters for your customers with our FlexChange service.


The customer chooses how and when the parcel is to be delivered using the PostNord app or web service.


The customer can easily change the choice in the PostNord app or via the web service.


FlexChange provides a range of delivery choices. Choose the one that suits you best.

How FlexChange works upon delivery

Customers receive a message, via sms, email, or through the PostNord app, when a parcel is on its way. Using the PostNord app or the web site, it is then possible to choose the day, time and place for of a delivery, home, to the office, or whether the item is to be collected from one of PostNord’s service points.

When the selection is made, the recipient receives a confirmation. It is also easy to change the delivery time in the PostNord app or on the web.

How FlexChange works when collecting the return

You provide your customer with a prepaid shipping document for Return Pickup regarding packages, pallets or groupage. To book the day, time and place for collection of returns, your customer makes their choices through the link which you provide your customer with.

When the choice is made, your customer will receive a confirmation. It is also easy to change the pick-up time in the PostNord app or on the web.

More FlexChange options that will make life easier for your customers:

FlexChange – delivery and pickup without physical contact

Is the customer not at home? The customer can specify that the delivery is to be made even if nobody is at home to receive it. In such cases, the delivery is made to a location at the home specified by the recipient, such as at the back door, on the veranda or in the carport. Some exceptions may apply, depending on the customer’s choice or the contents of the consignment.

Is the customer not in place, or simply does not want to be disturbed? Delivery and pickup is available without physical contact. Your customer decides a given place from the offered choices in the menu when booking, for example at the back of the house on the terrace or at the carport. Corporate customers can also choose delivery at the reception or at the loading dock.

Some exceptions exist depending on the size or content of the shipment.

Despite this, you as the sender can decide that delivery or pickup can only take place by signing, ie physical contact, when it is important to you.

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