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Economy Mail

Economy Mail is a letter shipment service that may weight up to 2 kg. They are delivered within four business days in Sweden.
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A cost-efficient choice for businesses when sending non-urgent letters

Economy Mail is a good choice if your company wants to send a letter shipment domestically or internationally and prioritizes price over speed. It takes a bit longer than sending a 1st class letter, but costs less.


Domestic can be submitted both as unsorted and sorted.


Cheaper than a First class letter, but delivery time is slightly longer.


A letter can weigh up to 2 kg, which allows you to send small, thin letters as well as letters with larger content.

Economy Mail letters sent to destinations in Sweden are delivered within four business days.

How are Economy Mail sent?

You need to be a service agreement customer with us to send Economy Mail letters. Economy Mail are then quite simply franked using Port Payé and can be paid via invoice.

In a mail shipment, you send at least 500 unsorted letters or 5,000 sorted letters. All the letters must originate from the same sender and have the same format and weight (max. differential 30 grams). Here you will find more information about domestic letter shipment. Read more about international letter shipment.

Sending Economy Mail using Port Payé

Mark the envelope with a "B" and our special Port Payé block label, which you place beside the postage. Port Payé consignments can be handed in at our business service centers and letter terminals. Download the Port Payé label block.

Read more about becoming a service agreement customer.


Economy Mail letters are delivered directly to recipients. If a letter is too large to be delivered in the recipient’s mailbox, it can instead be collected from the closest service point.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the size of the letter and if it is being sent domestically or internationally. Further details are available in the price list.

Size and weight for domestic economy mail

Length Min. 14 cm and max. 60 cm
Width Min. 9 cm
Length + width + thickness Max. 90 cm
Maximum weight 2 kg

For items with a larger short side (width) than 25 cm or a larger thickness/diameter than 3 cm, an additional bulky supplement is charged, in accordance with the normal price list applicable at any given time.

Are there any restrictions on what I can send?

You may not send items classified as hazardous goods. Read more about what you are not allowed to send.

Additional services

Sustainable with PostNord (Hållbart med PostNord)

If you are sending Economic Mail domestically, you can also choose Sustainable with PostNord. You then opt out of returns from undeliverable letters, which are instead destroyed and recycled on site, and you can use our Sustainability label block.

Sending Economy Mail

You need to be a service agreement customer with us to send Economy Mail.
Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer

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