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Create Mail-outs

Create and send physical newsletters, invitations, and other mailings directly from your computer to the recipient’s mailbox using the Create Mail-out service using our Create Mail-out tool.
Use Create Mail-outs

Create mailings such as advertising, letters or e-invoices straight from your from your computer

When we take care of the printing, enveloping and delivery, the material is printed near the recipient on environmentally sound paper. That way we avoid unnecessary transportation and together we protect the environment.


Create your mailing online.


We print and distribute physically.

Time saving

You avoid paperwork and administration and get more time for your core business.

Create Mail-outs Letters

Send letters domestically and/or internationally to one or more recipients quickly and easily. For example, you can send hard copy invoices with or without payment slips, membership information, meeting invitations, invitations and protocols. Upload your address file, select the distribution method and attach your document. It couldn't get easier. Create letter mail-outs

Create Mail-outs Advertising

Create your advertising message and upload a pdf. We help you with selection, address purchase, print production and distribution. Choose between unaddressed direct mail (ODR) or addressed direct mail (ADR) in postcard, flyer or envelope letter format. Do you already have a finished ODR print? Then you can easily make your booking through the tool. Create advertising mail-outs

Do you have any questions about Create Mail-outs?

Then you are welcome to contact customer service.

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