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Collect in Store

Collect in Store allows your customer to pick up items in your store without the need for major investments on your part.

Let your E-commerce customers collect items directly in your store

Consumers who shop online increasingly often want to collect items directly in the store. With the Collect in Store service, you give your customers that opportunity, without needing to make major investments yourself. You get access to a complete solution that handles “Collect in Store” and can get started without the need to build your own system.

Requires no investment on your part

By downloading the PostNord Retail Agent app, your stores can be selected in the online shop.

You can get started quickly

You just need to register your current stores with PostNord when you download the PostNord Retail Agent app.

Increase the possibilities for making additional sales

Seamless purchases for customers between the online shop and the store.

Increase opportunities for collaboration with others

If you have an online shop selling sports articles, you can, for example, work with a gym chain that distributes your products.

The service is based on the PostNord Retail Agent app, which is available for Android and can be downloaded at Google Play. By using a phone or tablet, you can easily scan parcels at the store, which generates a notification to the customer stating “You are welcome to come in and collect...” Upon collection, the recipient’s ID document is scanned and there is also an option to take care of returns.

How it works:

  1. Download the PostNord Retail Agent app
  2. Add your stores as delivery choices in the online shop.
  3. Notify PostNord which stores you have and when they are open (PostNord does not send sms to recipients when your store is closed).
  4. When customers choose to collect an item in store, they receive an address label stating your shop as the partner outlet.
  5. You can either hand over parcels to PostNord along with other MyPack items or send them together with other store deliveries.
  6. When parcels reach the store, the staff scan their arrival and an sms is sent to the customer.
  7. If the customer does not collect the parcel, a reminder is sent after three days and a notification letter is sent after seven days.
  8. Customers also receive push notifications via the PostNord app when they are close to your store, as a reminder.
  9. As usual, the customer is able to track the parcel and can provide feedback about the delivery experience when the parcel has been collected, in the same way as if the item had gone to a partner outlet.

Easy for you and easy for the customer.

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