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A pallet. A pallet.
Logistics service for service agreement customers

PostNord Pallet

We pick up pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms from you and deliver them to recipient companies and consumers within Sweden and across Europe.

Benefits with PostNord Pallets

  • Straightforward – the pallets are picked up from you and delivered to the recipient company or consumer.
  • Extensive – pallets can be sent within Sweden and anywhere in Europe.

  • Fast – we collect pallets every day.
  • Secure – all shipments can be tracked all the way to the recipient.
Transportation of pallets weighing up to 1,000 kg to anywhere in Europe.

We pick up your pallets from you, gather them all together into one delivery and transport it to the recipient’s door. We collect pallets every day, and make efficient deliveries. All consignments can be tracked. One pallet can weigh up to 1,000 kilograms.

PostNord Pallet is suitable if you want to

  • ship pallets that weigh up to 1,000 kg to destinations in Europe
  • have goods picked up from you and delivered to the customer
  • be able to follow the goods’ journey and know when they arrive at the destination.

Send pallets with PostNord Pallet

Advance notification and freight handling

Before using the Pallet service, you need to submit an electronic advance notification via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This can be done in four different ways:

  1. Via Send Direct Business, a transport administration tool, which can be reached through PostNord Portal Business.
  2. Via Pacsoft Online, our online transport administration tool for our service agreement customers.
  3. By using another transport administration system that is approved by PostNord.
  4. By sending a file in a format that is approved by PostNord.

All pallet goods need to have a shipping document. You can easily print out shipping documents directly inSend Direct Business or Pacsoft Online.

Find out more about booking a shipment and ordering shipping documents.


The recipient company's contact person and delivery address, including the relevant postal code. For goods being sent abroad, the country code as defined by the ISO must be stated before the postal code and the contents must be stated in English. The recipient’s daytime phone number and, if applicable, an entry code, should be stated.

Collection and booking of transport

The collection of your goods is included in the service. We pick up from the ground floor or loading bay. If you have goods that need to be collected every day, we can agree regular collection times. You can book collection of your goods by calling us at 0771–33 33 10.


We make one delivery attempt to the recipient company. Do you want to have goods delivered to consumers in Sweden, Denmark or Norway? Please see the Consumer recipient additional service. The pallets are delivered in return for a signature. The recipient, who does not need to be the addressee, signs a physical or electronic confirmation. If the recipient is not there when the delivery is attempted, a notification is sent and the goods can be picked up from the nearest terminal for up to 14 days after the delivery attempt.

Which types of pallet can be sent?

When you send shipments using PostNord Pallet, you specify the type of pallet that is to be sent. There are four different types of pallet: full pallet, half pallet, quarter pallet and special pallet.

Delivery time

There is no delivery time guarantee for this service – the delivery time depends on the destination to which the pallets are being sent. Calculate delivery time for parcels and pallets.

Dimensions and weight for PostNord Pallet

Full palletMax. height international2.0 m
Max. height domestic2.2 m
Max. dimensions Length1.2 m and width 0.8 m
Max. weight1,000 kg per pallet
Half palletMax. dimensions Length 0.6 m, width 0.8 m and height 1.5 m
Max. weight500 kg per pallet
Quarter palletMax. dimensions Length 0.6 m, width 0.4 m and height 1.2 m
Max. weight200 kg per pallet
Special palletMax. height international2.0 m
Max. height domestic2.2 m
Max. dimensions Length 1.2 m and width 1.2 m
Max. weight1,000 kg per pallet


The price is based on the stated type of pallet as well as the destination zone or country. See price list.

Customs documentation for international deliveries

Do you want to send pallets abroad? Read more about what applies for international deliveries.

Freight sent within the EU

If the goods are shipped within the EU, you only need to attach a shipping label.

Freight sent outside the EU

When goods are shipped outside the EU, information about what the cargo contains is required, in addition to the shipping label. See all the current shipping documents and customs documents for businesses.

Additional services

In addition to the basic service, we also offer the following additional services for an additional fee, based on PostNord’s latest price list.

Climate CompensationPostNord invests the entire compensation fee in renewable energy production in developing countries. Renewable sources replace fossil energy production. This is done by means of UN-certified CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects through the company 2050.
Dangerous goods – within the Nordic regionGoods that are to be transported must not contain dangerous goods. However, a so-called limited quantity of dangerous goods can be sent with PostNord Pallet.
Delivery Change – in SwedenBefore delivery is made to the recipient, the sender can request a change of recipient or recipient address, return to sender, or a longer period of retention, of up to 30 days. It is easiest to submit the order in Pacsoft Online, if the shipping document was printed out there.
Delivery without POD – within the Nordic regionGives PostNord the right to leave the shipment at the recipient’s door or at the reception desk or at the loading bay or goods receipt area.
Driver Notification – within the Nordic regionThe driver calls the recipient prior to the delivery attempt.
ID Check – in SwedenOnly used in conjunction with the Private receiver additional service. PostNord Pallet deliveries are only handed out to the recipient or his/her authorized representative if valid proof of identity is provided.
InsuranceIt is possible to sign a goods insurance policy with an external insurance company via PostNord.
Mail carrier rent – in SwedenMail carrier can be used as cargo carriers instead of pallets/cargo carries for domestic transport, for a special fee.
New delivery attempt – in SwedenThe sender or recipient can request another delivery attempt to the recipient’s delivery address. Orders can be submitted to customer service at 0771-33 33 10.
Pallet transfer – in SwedenA pallet transfer system is a system used to monitor pallet flows between customers who ship goods with PostNord Pallet and their recipient customers. The system covers approved EUR pallets. Special agreements are required for recipient customers.
Private receiver – with address in Sweden, Norway or DenmarkPrivate receiver is used when the recipient is a consumer with an address in Sweden, Norway or Denmark.
Recipient Freight – within SwedenThe recipient is sent an invoice for the freight costs. The sender and recipient must be service agreement customers.
Return Engagements – from SwedenYou can request collection of goods from another sender with delivery to a recipient with address in a country other than Sweden. You are responsible for informing the sender of this, so that the goods can be collected. Bookings can be made in Pacsoft Online before 3.30 pm.
Signature Assurance – within the Nordic regionMeans that the recipient cannot select delivery without receipt as a delivery option.
Sms and email notification – in SwedenYou can notify your recipient, or a third party, that a pallet is on its way or has been delivered. We offer the following notification options via sms and/or email:
  • Advance notification on estimated delivery date
  • Upcoming delivery notification when delivery today before the end of the business day.
  • Delivery notification when the pallet has been delivered.

Would you like to know more about the options for sending pallets?

If you fill in the contact form, we will contact you to determine a solution that meets your company’s specific needs. The form is in Swedish.

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