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PostNord Groupage

Compile parcels and pallets into one shipment which we collect from you and deliver to the recipient’s door. The shipment is traceable the whole way.
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Delivery from door to door throughout the Nordic region – every day

Do you want to gather all your parcels and pallets together in one delivery, which we collect from you and ship to the recipient anywhere in the Nordic region? Then our easy-to-use door-to-door PostNord Groupage service is what you need.


We collect your parcels and pallets and deliver throughout the Nordic region.


We deliver every day, regardless of where in the Nordic region your shipment is to be delivered.


Each shipment can be tracked all the way to the final destination.

We pick up your parcels and pallets from you, gather them all together into one delivery and transport this to the recipient’s door. We make pick-ups every day and deliver throughout the Nordic region. Each shipment can be tracked, so that you know where it is and when it will be delivered at all times.

PostNord Groupage is suitable if you

  • want to gather all your parcels and pallets into a single delivery
  • want us to collect the goods from you
  • want to be able to follow the goods’ journey and know when they arrive at the destination.

Pre-notifications and pick-ups

You have to submit an advance notification before you use the PostNord Groupage service This can be done in various ways:

  1. Via Skicka Direkt Business, our web-based transport administration tool for service agreement customers.
  2. Via another transport administration system (TA system) that is approved by PostNord*.
  3. Via your own file format that has been approved by PostNord.

*Examples of approved suppliers of TA systems:

  • nShift Delivery
  • Centiro
  • Metapack
  • Logtrade

More information about booking a shipment and ordering shipping documents is available here.

Pick-up of goods is included in the service. If the item weighs more than 35 kg, it must be loaded onto a EUR pallet or equivalent carrier that can be handled using a forklift truck. We can also agree on fixed daily pick-up times. You can also call and book PostNord Groupage at 0771-33 33 10.

Delivery times for PostNord Groupage

PostNord Groupage consignments are delivered to recipients Monday-Friday (except on public holidays). View specific delivery times. The service includes one delivery attempt to the recipient. The service does not have a delivery time guarantee.

Dimensions and weights for PostNord Groupage

Max dimensions

Length 6m 0–35 kg (for goods with a maximum weight of 35 kg, we handle items with a length of up to 6 meters).
Length 2.99 m 35–1,000 kg (for goods with a weight of more than 35 kg and up to 1,000 kg, we handle items with a length of up to 2.99 meters).
Width 2.4 m
Height 2.2 m
Max weight per shipment 2,500 kg
Max weight per item 1,000 kg

Max. volume within Sweden for PostNord Groupage

Per shipment 8.92 m
Per item 3.57m3

Dangerous goods

PostNord Groupage shipments are permitted to contain a limited amount of dangerous goods, with certain exceptions. More about dangerous goods.

Additional services for PostNord Groupage

Driver notification – within the Nordic region
The driver calls the recipient prior to the delivery attempt.

Fixed retention time 7 days
The recipient will not be offered an extension of their period of retention to 14 days. Applies within Sweden.

Extended retention time 14 days
The period of retention time is extended to 14 days. Applies within Sweden.

Delivery without a POD – within the Nordic region
The shipment can be delivered without the recipient having to personally accept and confirm receipt

Recipient Freight – within Sweden
Recipient Freight means that the recipient pays the shipping costs. The sender and recipient must be service agreement customers. If the sender enters the wrong customer number, the sender is instead invoiced for the service.

New delivery – within Sweden
The sender or recipient can use New delivery to subsequently request another delivery attempt to the recipient’s delivery address. Orders can be submitted to Portal Business or via customer service at 0771-33 33 10.

Sms/email or PostNord App notification – within Sweden

You can notify your recipient, or perhaps a third party, that the goods are on their way or have been delivered. We offer the following notification options via sms, email or PostNord App:

  • Delivery advice (estimated delivery date)
  • Delivery notification (delivery expected before the end of the business day)
  • Delivery confirmation (the goods have been delivered/collected)

ID Check – within Sweden
This means that the goods are handed out to the recipient or his/her authorized representative if valid proof of identity is provided.

Pallet Exchange – within Sweden
A pallet transfer system is a system used to monitor pallet flows between customers who ship goods with the PostNord Groupage service and their recipient customers.

Private receiver direct delivery – within Sweden
Private receiver direct delivery (within Sweden) is used when the recipient is a private individual.
PostNord notifies the recipient on one occasion with a pre-arranged day of delivery, in a pre-arranged time slot. The recipient does not need to be present at delivery to confirm receipt of the goods.

Private receiver – within Nordic region
Private receiver is used when the recipient is a private individual. PostNord notifies the recipient on one occasion in order to agree on a delivery date and time slot. Notifications to the recipient include alternative delivery options. For more information about the recipient’s delivery options, see FlexChange.

Privat receiver* and ID Check – within Sweden
The goods is only handed out to the person who receives the goods against receipt confirmation and presentation of valid ID or a valid delivery code. This code is obtained through the recipient confirming their identity via Mobilt BankID in PostNord’s app.

Privat receiver* and Enhanced identification – within Sweden
Is used in the event of an extra need to check that the recipient personally receives the goods. The goods are only handed over if the recipient’s personal ID number matches the personal ID number on the ID.

Privat receiver* and Signature Assurance – within the Nordic region
Signature Assurance means that the recipient is not offered the opportunity to choose the "Delivery without signed confirmation” delivery option. The goods are delivered in return for confirmation of receipt being provided.

*A special agreement is required if you wish to use the additional service Privat receiver within Sweden.

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